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How to Create an Estate Planning Strategy in 8 Steps – Part 2

September 15, 2017

Last week, we began our 8-point Estate Planning Checklist, including how to handle your will, and avoiding Probate. Today we’ll complete the checklist, starting with… Powers of attorney. You need these documents before you have a will, because you’re likely to become disabled or need help managing affairs before you pass away. There are two […]

Estate Planning

Should You Put Your Estate Planning Strategy On Hold? (8-Point Checklist)

September 8, 2017

Tax reform proposals are slowly being developed in Congress, including changes in the estate tax. People are asking, “Should I delay my estate planning until the new law is clear?” We’ve been down this road before, and the answer is: You shouldn’t delay. Congress is looking at changing only the federal estate and gift taxes, […]

Two Crucial Steps to Make Estate Planning Work

February 27, 2017

Some of the most important work on your estate plan doesn’t take place in the lawyer’s office. It doesn’t even involve the details of the will, trusts, Probate, powers of attorney, and the rest of the cornucopia of Estate Planning documents and strategies. Often the ultimate goal in estate planning is to ensure the wealth […]

Estate Planning

Time to Update Your Digital Assets Estate Planning Strategy

December 27, 2016

Estate planning laws and practices are catching up with the reality of today’s digital world. It is a slow process and still has a way to go, but big strides recently were made. You need to review how your estate plan handles digital assets and decide if an update is in order. There are several […]

estate planning

How to Weed Outdated Assumptions from your Estate Planning Strategy

May 20, 2016

Is your estate plan based on some incorrect assumptions? Unfortunately, it probably is. A lot of changes occurred over the years, and they affect the underlying assumptions of many plans. Plus, some traditional estate planning assumptions weren’t valid in the first place. We know that, because we have better information now. Be sure that neither […]


The Key, Overlooked Estate Planning Retirement Expense

May 19, 2016

A major retirement expense is overlooked or downplayed in most retirement planning. It is one of the largest expenses in the budgets of those 65 and older, yet it is taken for granted by both individuals and many financial professionals. Transportation accounts for 16% of annual spending by Americans 65 and older, according to the […]

estate planning

Nuts & Bolts of Estate Planning

April 3, 2016

Most discussions of estate planning, including in this newsletter, focus on discrete topics and strategies. Once in a while, especially early in the year, it is good idea to step back and look at the broader picture. There are concepts and strategies common to every estate plan and estate owner. Use these concepts and strategies […]

How to Build the Complete Estate Planning Strategy

April 3, 2016

Many people think they have estate plans but really don’t. I’m not talking about the many people who haven’t done any planning and don’t have even a basic will. I’m talking about people who have taken action on their estate plans and yet have plans that are woefully incomplete. There is more to a complete […]

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