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Estate Planning Basics

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Estate Planning Gaps Can Be Fixed

January 1, 2016

Is your estate plan good enough to get the job done? Odds are it isn’t. Many estate plans have gaps and deficiencies, even plans that are developed by wealthy people in consultation with high-priced lawyers and other experts. When you’ve taken the time and gone to the expense of working on an estate plan, you […]

7 Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Overcome

November 1, 2015

The simplest acts often turn out to cause the most problems for estates. Beneficiary designations and titles to assets are the most likely sources of mistakes and problems. Though estate planners are aware of the common mistakes and the consequences, many people aren’t. Simple, well-intentioned actions and failures to act often result in major problems. […]

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Popular Tax Exemption Strategy Upheld

August 1, 2015

The IRS recently lost a Tax Court case involving an estate and gift tax exemption strategy that the IRS and some in Washington have been trying to eliminate. The estate planning strategy is known as the Crummey trust, named after the taxpayer in the case that originally approved it. The recent case not only upheld […]

A Frequantly Overlooked Key Issue in Estate Planning

April 1, 2015

Celebrities and the wealthy often provide important financial lessons for the rest of us. Often, the lessons are more important for the rest of us, because the wealthy usually have enough assets to over-come the losses from their mistakes. For others, one or two critical mistakes can severely reduce financial security. The latest important lesson […]

How to Review Your Estate Planning Essentials

November 1, 2014

You need a complete, up-to-date estate plan now more than ever, regardless of the value of your estate. Estate Planning never was all about taxes, though people thought it was back when estate taxes clipped many estates. Because few estates will face a federal tax burden, we can focus on the real issues of estate […]

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Key Estate Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

July 1, 2014

The important step in Estate Planning is to learn from the mistakes of others. Unlike many other areas, you don’t have a second chance with an estate plan. The major estate planning mistakes in estate planning are committed often. There would be very few problem estates if we learned from others’ errors. So, try to […]

Knowing When to Update Your Estate Planning

May 1, 2014

Having an estate plan is important, but having one means only part of your job is done. A plan has to be complete and current. Not enough people have an estate plan, but of those that do a high percentage let their plans become outdated. Sometimes having a plan that isn’t current is worse than […]

Everyone Needs an Estate Plan, and It’s Not About Taxes

April 15, 2014

Mickey Rooney passed away last week. He was a fabulously successful movie star in his prime and continued to perform most of his life. He was pitching products through infomercials the last few years. Yet, he apparently died with few assets to his name. This report alleges that he was abused and his money pilfered […]

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