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Bullet Proofing Your Estate Plan

April 1, 2008

Few events disrupt an estate plan and family harmony more than a will contest or other challenge to the plan. The specific challenges might not be predictable, because they often are triggered more by emotions than finances. But the risk of a contest almost always is present, and estate owners should know that they can […]


Housing Slump Can Help Your Estate Planning

April 1, 2008

A market drop often creates opportunities in Estate Planning. The ongoing decline in housing prices creates such an opportunity. Estate and gift taxes are imposed on the value of property. It follows that a decline in market value means property can be transferred at a lower cost. Those who own estates worth more than $2 […]


How to Avoid Unexpected Estate Battles

March 1, 2008

Few things amaze estate planners more than the property heirs choose to fight over. The worst disputes often seem to occur over items that most outsiders consider trivial. Furniture, personal mementoes, and the like seem to trigger emotional reactions in heirs. Sometimes an heir simply is looking for an excuse to vent a long-held grievance; […]

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Estate Planning for Singles (with and without Kids)

March 1, 2008

A perusal of Estate Planning literature gives the impression that every senior in America is part of a married couple with two or more kids. We know that is not true, and those who do not fit the profile need estate planning guidance at least as much as the stereotypical couple does. Unmarried estate planning […]

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Nuts & Bolts of Estate Planning

February 1, 2008

Most discussions of Estate Planning, including in this newsletter, focus on discrete topics and strategies. Once in a while, especially early in the year, it is good idea to step back and look at the broader picture. There are concepts and strategies common to every estate plan and estate owner. Use these concepts and strategies […]

Estate Planning

Estate Planning for IRAs

February 1, 2008

Unique Estate Planning strategies are required for Individual Retirement Arrangements. Many people focus on how to build their IRA balances and how much to withdraw. The treatment of IRAs in estate planning often is overlooked. An estate plan for IRAs should answer these questions: What will be the estate tax and income tax bills? Who […]


A Fresh Look at Family Limited Partnerships

January 1, 2008

Family limited partnerships have been a key element in many estate plans, and that is why they have been targets of the IRS for years. The tax law regarding FLPs has fluctuated, but there now are enough court cases decided to develop a road map for securing the benefits of an FLP. An FLP is […]


A Shrewd Look at Power of Attorney – Part 2

January 1, 2008

The Power of Attorney is an essential part of every estate plan, but few people understand it or give it much thought. Last month we discussed some details of POAs that help ensure your wishes are followed. This month we will look at a few more details of the documents with an eye toward protecting […]

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