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estate planning

Grasping the Risks of Estate Planning Neglect

September 1, 2012

Many people have their estate plans on the backburner. They know the estate tax changed a lot in recent years, is scheduled to change next year, and after that probably will change again. Many believe that since today’s generous estate tax exemption exceeds the value of their estate, they don’t need to worry about an […]

estate planning

10 Basic Estate Planning Rules for Every Plan

July 1, 2012

The estate and gift tax law has been shifting and uncertain for more than 10 years, and what it will be after 2012 is uncertain. You know the deal reached at the end of 2010 is scheduled to expire Dec. 31, 2012. If Congress does nothing, we’ll revert to the 2001 law, which includes only […]

What Happens to Your Debts on Death?

January 5, 2012

There’s been a lot of attention lately to the issue of what happens to a person’s debts after he dies. It seems there are firms that specialize in collecting the debts of the deceased, often by telling survivors they need to pay and often by not being completely honest. We’ll have more detail in a […]

estate planning

How to Fill Gaps in Your Estate Planning

July 1, 2011

Most estate plans are deficient. Even wealthy people who consult with high-priced lawyers have key gaps in their plans. I’m not even talking about people who don’t bother to develop an estate plan. I’m considering only people who developed plans. Too many of them have plans that aren’t going to meet their goals, preserve their […]

Finding Your Classic Estate Plan

June 1, 2011

Every estate is unique, but each estate can be put in a category with similar estates. Those similar estates are likely to have plans that share a number of common features. So, in this visit we present the classic categories and key elements of plans that fall into those categories. All estate plans. Every plan […]

Changing Your Estate Planning Strategy Under the New Law

March 1, 2011

One of the major surprises in the December 2010 estate tax law is known as portability. Under the old law (and the law that is scheduled to return in 2013 if Congress doesn’t act before then) each person had a lifetime estate tax exemption with a use-it-or-lose-it feature. If your estate didn’t use all your […]

Updating Estate Plans for the New Law

February 1, 2011

It’s time to pull out your estate plan, make an appointment with your planner, and begin a thorough review. Congress finally pass-ed a new estate tax last December, and each of us should revise our wills and other documents to reflect the changes. The changes are only for 2011 and 2012, but you need to […]

Estate Planning

How to Complete Your Estate Planning Strategy

January 1, 2011

Most estate plans are woefully incomplete, and heirs and loved ones often suffer. Of course, too many people don’t have any estate plan. Of those that do, some think a living trust or joint title to assets with their spouse is all they need. Others think a will and trust is a complete estate plan. […]

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