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Estate Planning Strategy to Help the Grandkids Buy a Home

September 1, 2007

Home prices are down, and inventories of unsold homes are high in many areas. That makes this an ideal time to buy a home, or to help a grandchild buy that first home or move up to a larger home. Despite the decline in prices, buying a home still is a struggle for many young […]


Marital Deduction – Dos and Don’ts

August 1, 2007

The marital deduction is perhaps the best-known estate tax reducer. It also is among the most misused planning devices. While powerful, the mari-tal deduction also can trigger higher taxes or other headaches. The marital deduction is straightforward. The estate executor totals the value of all assets owned by the deceased to arrive at the gross […]


Four Overlooked Estate Planning Moves

July 1, 2007

Most Estate Planning discussions involve big picture issues, such as trusts, gifts, and how to handle a business. Too often, however, the success or failure of a plan depends on small details that seem unimportant. Shortchanging these issues could mean shortchanging your heirs. Carefully consider all of your non-probate assets. They avoid the probate process, […]

tax law

The New Tax Law & Your Grandchildren

July 1, 2007

Congress snuck a provision into the recent tax law that could change how many people help fund education and other expenses for their children and grandchildren. For a couple of decades the tax law has contained the kiddie tax, designed to limit the tax reduction that is available when parents and grandparents shift investment income […]


The 80%-2% Retirement Solution

July 1, 2007

The best financial move a person can make is to start saving and investing early. That also is the hardest lesson to teach young people. Retirement is a distant, abstract concept, and young people tend to be present-oriented. Young people also are daunted by the amount of money they should accumulate by the time they […]


Trusts that Save Taxes and Families

June 1, 2007

The family residence often is one of the most valuable assets in a person’s estate. Despite recent price declines in numerous markets, many people own homes worth far more than they paid for them. The residence often accounts for a significant portion of a person’s net worth. The personal residence can create both estate tax […]


How to Leave a Legacy that Lasts Generations

June 1, 2007

Many people hope to leave some wealth to help their children and perhaps their grandchildren. Others want to see the wealth benefit even more generations. Instead of leaving it all to one or two generations, they want to spread income and emergency funds beyond the family members who know them. This goal can be accomplished […]

estate planning

The Multi-State Estate Plan

May 1, 2007

Readers with homes or other property in more than one state should take special care in their estate plans. There are lawyers who advise drafting separate wills and other Estate Planning documents for each state involved. You shouldn’t need to do that much work. The estate plan, however, does need to recognize that multiple states […]

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