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UGMAs vs. 529 plans

Estate Planning Strategies: UGMAs vs. 529 Plans

October 1, 2001

I have an UGMA account for my grandchild (or child). Can I (or should I) switch to a college savings plan or a trust? I regularly get variations of that question. A Uniform Gift to Minors Act (UGMA) account is the traditional vehicle to save and invest for a youngster. (It’s UTMA in some states.) […]


How Adjust Your Estate Planning to Make the Most of the New IRA Rules

September 1, 2001

Note: These regulations were updated ago about a year after this article. Please see the article in the June 2002 Grandkid’s Watch for an update on the final regulations. Click here. An important decision faces many of you. Make it carefully and the odds are greatly reduced that between estate taxes and income taxes the […]


Guide to Helping with a Grandchild’s Education

September 1, 2001

College costs are escalating, even at public universities. USA Today recently described how the slowing economy is reducing donations to colleges and causing state governments to cut funding. The result is that tuition is climbing faster than ever – as much as 40% at some institutions. Students, parents, and grandparents need to maximize both their […]


The Result of Market Change on Your Estate Plan

August 1, 2001

A new tax law isn’t the only reason to revisit your estate plan. Investment market changes and falling interest rates change the effects of many estate plans, often without their creators knowing the consequences. Here’s a guide to some the effects the changes of the last 18 months might have on your estate plan. The […]


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The Advantages of Student Loans

August 1, 2001

Borrowing to cover some or all of your family’s college costs could be the smartest wealth building strategy for many of you – and it recently became much more attractive. While it is comforting to pay the expenses from income or savings, that might not be the best way to continue building your family’s wealth. […]


The Best Strategies for Financing College

July 1, 2001

Forget all you’ve learned about helping to pay for college. The rules for most people aren’t what you’ve heard. College is so expensive, especially at private schools, that most students get some form of financial aid. Some of the schools boast about the percentage of students who get aid. Even loans are financial aid, and […]

Six ways to help buy a home

Six Ways To Help Buy A Home

June 1, 2001

Buying that first home is one of the things that makes a person believe he or she is on the path to success and security. For today’s young people, buying that first home can be hard. In many areas, real estate prices continue to climb, and most young people graduate from college owing student loans. […]

Is a living trust for you

Is A Living Trust For You?

May 1, 2001

Visit any area with a lot of older Americans, and you’ll see plenty of ads for free seminars on Living Trusts by lawyers and financial profes-sionals. Recently, the seminars even sprouted up in my area and seem to be spreading. There aren’t too many lawyers who will go to the trouble of presenting a free […]

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