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How to Use Life Insurance Under the New Estate Tax Laws Part II

July 21, 2019

In last week’s edition of Retirement Watch Weekly, we re-examined some factors and tools of estate planning that were altered by the new estate tax regime. Today, we’ll complete the list… […]

estate planning

6 Gifting Tips for Your Estate Planning

November 10, 2017

Fact: people make mistakes in their gift giving. It’s not surprising. The rules on Estate Planning gifts are tricky. By learning the tricks, though, you can increase the after-tax wealth available to you and your loved ones. Reducing federal estate taxes no longer is the main motivation most of us have for making gifts, because […]

Estate Planning Tax Tricks, Traps for Married Couples

April 3, 2016

Too many married couples are making a big mistake. They believe current estate tax law exempts them from having to plan or consider estate taxes in their plans. That misunderstanding could lead to problems. While the estate tax law enacted in early 2013 has many benefits, you need to know how to maximize them. Two […]

Estate Planning

When You Should File Gift Tax Returns

January 1, 2009

Too often people neglect to file gift tax returns. A smart plan is to file a gift tax return even when not required to. In some situations that provides substantial insurance. Gifts above the annual exemption amount ($13,000 for 2009) potentially are taxable and must be reported on Form 709. The gift might not be […]


How to Avoid Tax while Helping Grandkids

October 1, 2008

Most people are concerned about the financial futures of their grandchildren and even great-grandchildren- more so than the security of their own children. After ensuring their own retirement years are secure, many people tell survey takers the security of the third and fourth generations is their next worry. Apparently they believe their children can take […]

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Estate Planning for Shifts in the Estate Tax Law

October 1, 2007

Big changes are due in the estate tax law, but no one can be sure what those changes will be. Yet, all estate owners need to have an estate plan in place, and that plan needs to meet the owner’s goals whatever the tax law is. The plan should be flexible, address the most likely […]

tax law

The New Tax Law & Your Grandchildren

July 1, 2007

Congress snuck a provision into the recent tax law that could change how many people help fund education and other expenses for their children and grandchildren. For a couple of decades the tax law has contained the kiddie tax, designed to limit the tax reduction that is available when parents and grandparents shift investment income […]

estate planning

Charitable Gifts: New Rules

April 1, 2007

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 changed the rules for deducting charitable contributions. You need to know these rules or contributions that were deductible in the past will not be deductible on your 2007 return. Cash donations. It used to be that for cash contributions of less than $250, you did not need a receipt […]

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