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New Family Limited Partnership Rulings

Last year a number of estate planners worried that the IRS and the Tax Court nailed shut the door on family limited partnerships. A recent federal appeals court decision recently made clear the door still is open, and it set some guidelines for the successful use of FLPs. Family limited partnerships have been premier estate […]


Shrewd Family Gift Giving

Don’t wait until the end of the year to plan gifts to family members. Annual gifts are an important part of many estate plans, but most people don’t handle gifts the best way. Planning gifts now will increase the amount of wealth that is transferred tax-free to your heirs. The goals of gift-giving are to […]


The Overlooked Triple Tax-Saving Tactic

Estate planners agree that one of the most underused strategies is the charitable remainder trust. That might change. New trends are making CRTs more attractive. Taxpayers with appreciated property should take a fresh look at CRTs as part of their retirement and estate planning strategies. In a CRT, an individual transfers appreciated property to the […]


Plan Charitable Contributions Now

Most taxpayers don’t realize the best way to contribute to charity. They also don’t know that to get the maximum benefit they need to begin planning early in the year. Waiting until near year-end won’t get the job done. The optimal giving strategy is to donate noncash items. Many people are aware that they can […]


Family Gift Giving Essentials

Family gift giving is an important part of many estate plans. Make it an even better tool by maximizing the power of your gifts. Make New Year gifts. Most people wait until year end to make gifts. It is better to give at the start of the year. Gift taxes are based on a property’s […]

Don’t Forget Gift Tax Returns

Failing to file a gift tax return is a common mistake that fouls up many estate plans. The gift tax return rules are not what most people think, and that leads to many mistakes and penalties. A gift tax return (Form 709) might be due even if no gift taxes are owed. Gifts are tax […]


Great Strategies for Year-End Giving

You don’t need cash to put a sizeable tax deduction on this year’s tax return. If you have some appreciated assets, you have a way to keep the taxman at bay. The best assets to use are your first or second home and securities, such as stocks or mutual funds. Pick the proper strategy and […]

Handling the Toughest Estate Problem

Handling The Toughest Estate Problem

The most difficult part of an estate plan can be the family home or a second home. Often the property is a large part of the estate’s value. It also cannot be divided among the heirs. They either sell the property or share it. But the emotions surrounding a family property probably are the biggest […]

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