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Finding Interesting Opportunities outside the United States

February 2, 2017

While investors are focused primarily on the U.S. economy and markets, they’re missing some changes in Japan and Europe. Let’s start with Europe. Many analysts have been negative about Europe for a while, especially since the “Brexit” vote last June when U.K. citizens chose to leave the European Union. But Brexit is going to be […]

The Year So Far

December 22, 2016

There are only a few trading days left in 2016, so it’s a good time to step back and look at the trends and returns for the year. Before we look at the numbers, consider the changes in fortune during the year. It started with a stock bear market and other problems in China. These […]

A Case for Investing in Emerging Markets

December 20, 2016

Rob Arnott of Research Affiliates (and PIMCO All Asset All Authority) overweighted portfolios to emerging markets a couple of years early. But he rose their rebound through 2016. Now, he makes the case that the emerging markets recovery still is in its early days. He says low equity valuations, depressed currencies, and positive momentum all […]

What Will Italy’s Referendum on Sunday Bring?

December 1, 2016

The attention of many investors and economists is shifting from the change of administrations in the United States to Sunday’s referendum in Italy. The result could have repercussions for the European Union exceeding those from last June’s Brexit vote, according to much of the pre-referendum hype. On Sunday, Italians will vote whether or not to […]

Europe Could Return to the Headlines Soon

October 13, 2016

October 13, 2016 Europe Could Return to the Headlines Soon With the exception of the Brexit vote, investors haven’t worried much about Europe for a couple of years. After the European financial crisis didn’t bring the world economy to its knees, Europe stabilized and then improved a bit. Quantitative easing from the European Central Bank […]

Central Banks Surprise Investors and Themselves

September 15, 2016

There are a lot of problems to worry about over the long term. For a considerable time, economic growth and investment returns are likely to be less than the long-term averages. Developed economies are burdened with excess debt in both the private and public sectors. Populations are aging in the developed world. Central banks are […]

A Case for Investing in Emerging Markets

March 23, 2016

Emerging market stocks, bonds, and currencies have had a tough time the last few years. Many investors don’t want them anywhere near their portfolios after the big losses. But perhaps this is the time to be adding them to your portfolio. This blog post makes the case for adding emerging market equities to your portfolio […]

Are Emerging Markets Cheap?

February 17, 2014

Emerging economy stock markets have been down for a couple of years, and they had another sharp leg down early in 2014 that led the global markets lower. The question for investors now is, are emerging market stocks cheap? Some investors apparently believe they are, because the equities rose over the last couple of weeks. […]

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