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How to Leave a Legacy that Lasts Generations

June 1, 2007

Many people hope to leave some wealth to help their children and perhaps their grandchildren. Others want to see the wealth benefit even more generations. Instead of leaving it all to one or two generations, they want to spread income and emergency funds beyond the family members who know them. This goal can be accomplished […]


How Annual Family Meetings Help You Leave a Legacy

May 1, 2007

In the financial and estate planning industry a current rage is The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall, a book that recently was made into a movie. The novel is about a very wealthy man who realized that his wealth could not buy him what really matters. Throughout his life, he attempted to make his loved […]


How to Build the Family Venture Capital Fund

April 1, 2007

Most people want to help their children and grandchildren, but they want to provide more than money. One goal is to ensure the future generations are hard-working and productive citizens who have initiative. Another goal is to perpetuate the family’s values. One of the values in some families is entrepreneurship. By encouraging entrepreneurial activities in […]


How to Find the Best State to Place Your Trusts

March 1, 2007

Trusts today often are key to providing for the futures of grand-children. Trusts even can protect assets so that they last for multiple generations. Traditionally, a trust would be set up in the trust creator’s state of residence or in the state where the key beneficiaries reside. Sometimes, the creator favored a particular trustee and […]


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How to Make Unlimited Tax-Free Gifts

January 1, 2007

Anyone can make unlimited tax-free gifts. The strategy gets wealth out of your estate, and unlike many other gifts, you can be sure of how the money will be used. The strategy of maximizing tax-free gifts is growing in popularity, especially since the change in Congress makes it unlikely that elimination of the estate tax […]


Building the Legacy Plan

December 1, 2006

What is your legacy plan? Most people are familiar with estate plans. The goals of the estate plan are to ensure that assets are transferred to the people you want in the most efficient manner, that is with the smallest burden in taxes and other expenses. The standard estate plan includes a will, a financial […]


Wealth Replacement Strategies

December 1, 2006

As we discussed in the legacy planning segment, grandparents and parents usually have multiple goals, and it can take some thought to put together a plan that tries to meet all or most of those goals. One tool that can add a lot to a plan is the wealth replacement trust. That is a clever […]


New Rules on IRAs and Trusts

November 1, 2006

The IRS recently made it easier to use a trust with your IRA to protect assets for future generations. You still should use an estate planning attorney to ensure things are done properly, but the new ruling adds more certainty than we had in the past. The type of trust people most often want to […]

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