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Estate Planning Strategy: How to Start Savings for Grandchildren

December 1, 2002

What is the best way to get your grandchildren started on the right foot financially? Most people get the answer to this question only half-right. A goal of many grandparents is to provide some financial support for their grandchildren. Some grandparents put money aside for college education expenses. Others set up trusts, custodial accounts, or […]

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Five Pillars of A Great Estate Planning

November 1, 2002

You need an estate plan even if you don’t expect to owe taxes. Even if you expect to owe taxes, tax planning still should not be the focus of your planning. It is more important to decide who should receive the wealth, how much each should receive, when the wealth should be transferred, and how […]


The Estate Planning Time Bomb In Many IRAs

November 1, 2002

Financial services firms are lagging behind the IRS in making it easier to pass IRA wealth to succeeding generations. Because of this, the key document used in wealth transfer plans frequently is a time bomb. It is neglected or isn’t properly completed. The beneficiary designation form is the key document for passing on wealth held […]


How College Saving Plan Can Enhance Your Estate Planning

August 1, 2002

Section 529 college savings plans aren’t just for higher education. While great education planning tools they can be used as valuable Estate Planning tools, especially by grandparents. To ensure you and your family get the maximum benefit of these plans, don’t forget 529 accounts when drafting your estate plan. We’ve reviewed the advantages of 529 […]


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The Resurgence Of Prepaid Tuition Plans For Estate Planning

July 1, 2002

Those long-neglected, unsexy prepaid college tuition plans are making a comeback. In recent years they took a back seat to the stock market and Section 529 college savings plans. My state of Virginia announced, however, that over the last year applications to its older prepaid tuition plan soared while contributions to the college savings plan […]


Should you make Direct Gifts to Family to Cover Education Expenses Part of Your Estate Planning Strategy?

July 1, 2002

Giving directly to adult children or to grandchildren might not be the best strategy to help pay for education expenses. Direct gifts might deny your adult children tax breaks that are available to reduce the after-tax cost of education. Many of these tax breaks were created in the last few years, so even professional advisers […]


Estate Planning Strategies to Make Your IRA Last Longer

June 1, 2002

Note: This article is an update of the article in the September 2001 Estate Watch and should be read together. Click here. You now can make your IRA last longer than ever. Thanks to final IRS regulations, account owners over age 70 1/2 are required to take less out of their IRAs or other qualified […]

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Low-Cost Estate Planning Ways To Get Your Grandkids Started

May 1, 2002

Mutual funds and brokers are making it more difficult to put your grandchildren on the road to wealth with a modest initial investment and small regular additions. Fortunately, there still are ways to build a modest sum into a meaningful legacy. Suppose you open an investment account with $1,000, add $50 each month for 10 […]

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