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When You Need Solomon’s Wisdom for Estate Planning

April 1, 2002

Small items often cause the biggest Estate Planning problems. Any one with some experience handling estates knows the worst disputes among heirs often are over what seem like trivial items. In a large estate, heirs might aggressively contest the disposition of a few pieces of furniture or personal mementos. Those small, personal items are most […]


Family Limited Partnerships Considerations for Estate Planning

February 1, 2002

Family limited partnerships are evolving, and people are finding more uses for them. Until recently, family limited partnerships (FLPs) were considered primarily vehicles for reducing estate and gift taxes. But these vehicles are so flexible that families are finding many practical uses for them, even when taxes aren’t an issue. You might find that they […]


Simple, Low-Cost Estate Planning Strategies To Help Grandchildren

January 1, 2002

You don’t need to be the country’s remaining high technology multi-millionaire to help your grandchildren. You don’t even need to be rich. There are many simple, low-cost ways to help, and they are tax-free. With many of these strategies, you get to see the benefits now instead of imaging how the wealth will be used […]

529 savings plans

An Alternative Estate Planning Strategy for Deducting College Expenses to Save Tax

December 1, 2001

The Holy Grail for many taxpayers is to deduct college expenses paid for a grandchild or a child. With a little planning, you can do just that using a strategy known as the college unitrust. It can make a lot of sense if you have a charitable intent to go along with the desire to […]


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How to Find the Best 529 Savings Plan for Your Estate Planning

November 1, 2001

Section 529 college savings plans are the best way for most people to save and pay for the education of a child or grandchild. But which plan should you use? The number of plans available has exploded. Most states (34) allow residents of any state to invest in their plans, and they allow distributions to […]

UGMAs vs. 529 plans

Estate Planning Strategies: UGMAs vs. 529 Plans

October 1, 2001

I have an UGMA account for my grandchild (or child). Can I (or should I) switch to a college savings plan or a trust? I regularly get variations of that question. A Uniform Gift to Minors Act (UGMA) account is the traditional vehicle to save and invest for a youngster. (It’s UTMA in some states.) […]


Guide to Helping with a Grandchild’s Education

September 1, 2001

College costs are escalating, even at public universities. USA Today recently described how the slowing economy is reducing donations to colleges and causing state governments to cut funding. The result is that tuition is climbing faster than ever – as much as 40% at some institutions. Students, parents, and grandparents need to maximize both their […]


The Advantages of Student Loans

August 1, 2001

Borrowing to cover some or all of your family’s college costs could be the smartest wealth building strategy for many of you – and it recently became much more attractive. While it is comforting to pay the expenses from income or savings, that might not be the best way to continue building your family’s wealth. […]

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