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Estate Planning

Showing Grandchildren the Way of Sound Estate Planning

July 1, 2013

I find that no matter the value of a person’s estate, almost everyone would like to leave something for the grandchildren (or the children). But they don’t want whatever they leave to be wasted. Therefore, demonstrating sound Estate Planning is important. Almost everyone knows the unfortunate statistics of poor estate planning. About 70% of family […]

Estate Planning

The Most Efficient Estate Planning Way to Help the Grandkids

April 1, 2013

There are many ways you can help a grandchild or child. There are so many Estate Planning options that people are confused and often procrastinate about helping because they aren’t sure which route to take. Let’s look at the better options and examine the pros and cons of each.   Estate Planning Strategy #1 529 […]

estate planning

Estate Planning for Grandparents Stepping in as Parents

April 1, 2012

A quiet trend in the U.S. is that a growing number of parents serve as the primary parents for their grandchildren. The Census Bureau started tabulating this information in 2000, and since then the numbers have grown. The 2010 census showed that 3.1 million children are living without their biological parents, and 59% of them […]

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Lessons for Grandkids from the Crisis

January 1, 2012

The bubble, its bursting, and the continuing financial crisis provided many lessons in personal finance. The biggest beneficiaries can be today’s young people, if they learn the right lessons. News reports and some surveys indicate that some are taking away the right ideas, but others are drawing the wrong conclusions and making their futures more […]

estate planning

Buying Only One Fund for Long Term Estate Planning for Grandchildren

December 1, 2010

Setting money aside for a grandchild, or helping a grand-child who is starting to save without proper Estate Planning, presents a problem. Usually the initial savings are relatively small. Few grandchildren begin with portfolios of $100,000 or more. A portfolio of a few thousand dollars or less presents a problem when you are trying to […]

Estate Planning

How to Help Grandkids Stay Solvent

October 1, 2006

In last month’s visit we discussed how to educate children and grandchildren to start them on the road toward financial independence. This month, let’s discuss how to help youngsters who already are in the working world and perhaps have started to dig themselves into that financial hole of high debt in which so many people […]


Investing Education for Grandkids

May 1, 2006

Recently, when I was the guest on a radio show, the host asked where young people learn about money, investments, and personal finance. Schools are too busy with diversity training and sex education to teach personal finance. Even at the college level practical money management is scarce. Many parents, especially, the Boomers, try to keep […]


How to Teach Grandkids Wealth Management

September 1, 2000

It is nice to give wealth to grandchildren. But an even better gift can be to teach them how to multiply and manage their wealth the rest of their lives. Youngsters today are more financially savvy than any prior generation. They own investments, have such high discretionary income that retailers pitch to youngsters, and even […]

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