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The Future of Retiree Medical Insurance

September 10, 2013

IBM shocked a lot of people when a late Friday report in The Wall Street Journal said the company was ending all retiree medical insurance once Obamacare kicks in. Instead of finding and paying for insurance coverage for its retirees, IBM will tell its retirees to seek their coverage on one of the new insurance […]

Avoiding Costly Medicare Errors

September 1, 2013

The wild card in most retirement plans is medical spending. Too many people approach retirement believing Medicare and their last employer will cover most retirement medical costs. Even after people realize their full potential exposure to medical expenses, many miss critical opportunities to reduce their share of the costs and especially to reduce the uncertainty […]

Line Up Caregivers for Long Term Care in Advance

August 27, 2013

That’s the advice from a new AARP study. The study concluded that there simply aren’t going to be enough people available to provide long-term-type care to people who need it in the next few decades. AARP says the problem is identified from simple arithmetic. The Baby Boomers are a large population group and are getting […]

Better Dental Care Avoids Dementia?

July 31, 2013

The  search for the cause of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia might have taken a big step forward. A new study found that people with Alzheimer’s have a bacteria related to gum disease in their brains, while those without Alzheimer’s don’t have the bacteria in their brains. Most people don’t realize it, but bad dental […]

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Shrinking Supply of Medicare Doctors

July 30, 2013

More and more doctors are declining to accept Medicare patients. This has beena  problem for a long time, as I’ve alerted Retirement Watch readers. But it’s becoming worse as Congress reduces the payments to doctors and imposes new rules and restrictions. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday (subscription might be required) that a fairly small […]

More Mysteries in Medicare Spending

July 29, 2013

Over the years a number of studies have shown puzzling disparities in Medicare spending and reimbursements. Some regions of the country spend much more per beneficiaries than others. Yet, within those regions there are vast differences among providers. That makes it difficult for policymakers to decide how to control spending or make the system most […]

How Medicare Distorts Doctors’ Pay

July 23, 2013

Medical billing is a mystery to most of us. The Washington Post does a good job of pulling away a small part of the curtain. This story shows that a small group of doctors put together by the  American Medical Association essentially determine how much doctors will be paid for different procedures. And, according to […]

The Crisis in Long-Term Care Insurance

July 2, 2013

We’ve been covering it in detail in Retirement Watch for a while. The issue finally hit the big time with a major piece in The Wall Street Journal. (Subscription might be required.) The article reviews all the issues known to my readers: premiums on older policies are rising; insurers are dropping out of the market […]

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