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Who’s Eligible for Aid & Attendance

December 1, 2011

You meet the service requirements for Aid and Attendance when you served 90 days or more on active duty, with at least one day in wartime, and who were honorably discharged. Widows and widowers of such veterans also are eligible. You need not have served overseas or in combat. Anyone who was a member of […]

Little-Known Long-Term Care Benefit for Veterans

December 1, 2011

Update: In 2014 the Veterans Administration proposed new rules that would restrict significantly the number of veterans eligible for the Aid & Attendance benefits described in this post. Details of the proposed rules are described here. In 2006 the Secretary of Veterans Affairs quietly issued a media release about an “underused, special monthly pension benefit […]

Reducing Medicare Coverage

November 16, 2011

It’s no secret that everyone in Washington feels a need to reduce the cost of Medicare. What they disagree about is how to do it. The appointees of the administration, however, seem to agree on their preference. They want to reduce the care that is covered under the program. You’ve seen evidence over the last […]

Long Term Care Costs Rise, But at a Lower Rate

November 10, 2011

The cost of long-term care insurance rose again over the last year, but at a fairly moderate 4.4%, according to an annual MetLife survey. For a long time, the costs rose at 7% or more annually, well above the rate of inflation. In recent years the rate of increase has declined, but so has overall […]


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Countering the Attack on Medicare

November 3, 2011

Once the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 was enacted, government leaders began the push to reduce the cost of the program. Their main focus is to reduce care and treatment, claiming much of it is unnecessary and doesn’t provide benefits. But they might not be using the best analysis and studies to decide the […]

New Medicare Open Season Schedule in 2011

October 1, 2011

Medicare Open Enrollment is earlier this year. Medicare decreed that it will be Oct. 15 through December 7. The choice you make is effective January 1, 2012. During this period, people in traditional Medicare can choose a Medicare Advantage Plan, and those in Medicare Advantage can stay in their current plans, choose a new plan, […]

Saving Money on Medicare Advantage

September 13, 2011

Many silver Americans don’t select the best Medicare Advantage plan for them. These plans offer broader benefits at a lower cost to the patient than traditional Medicare, on average. A study recently found that less than 10% of those searching for a Medicare Advantage Plan and 7% of those searching for a Part D prescription […]

Finding Help with Medicare Insurance Decisions

August 1, 2011

The season for Medicare decisions is almost upon us again. It’s a complicated program with a number of options, and many of you need some guidance and information to make the right decision for you. Medical expenses will be one of the highest expenses in retirement, so you want to get this right. Open enrollment […]

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