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Finding the Bargains in Long Term Care Insurance

May 1, 2011

People who should consider buying long-term care insurance often report that they don’t because they believe it’s too expensive. LTCI is more costly than it needs to be because people make two critical mistakes when evaluating it. Avoid those mistakes, and you might find LTCI is more affordable. The first mistake is that people don’t […]

Avoiding Key Medicare Traps

April 1, 2011

Every government program has its technical requirements and details. Make a mistake or overlook a key point, and you lose some benefits or pay a penalty. Medicare is no different, but the consequences of an error can be very expensive. Here are some frequent mistakes to avoid. Medicare wants you to sign up when you’re […]

Reading the Stats on Long Term Care

March 1, 2011

There are a lot of misleading and incomplete statistics quoted about long-term care. You need the complete story to estimate your future LTC costs and establish a plan. A frequently-quoted statistic is that 50% to 70% of Americans over 65 will need some LTC. The key word is “some.” LTCI covers care required when a […]

Dealing with the Turmoil in Long Term Care Insurance

March 1, 2011

Long-term care insurance is in turmoil. We’ve been tracking and reporting on developments for a while. (See our January 2011 visit.) Insurers are dropping out of the market. Some insurers are increasing premiums substantially on long-term policyholders. LTCI is harder to obtain, and premiums for new policies are higher for the most part than a […]


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Crisis in Long-Term Care Insurance?

January 1, 2011

Headlines the last couple of months pointed to serious problems in long-term care insurance (LTCI). The Wall Street Journal blared: “Long-Term-Care Premiums Soar.” This shortly was followed by news that a major player in LTCI, MetLife, was stopping the sale of new policies. The first article detailed sharp proposed premium increases on existing policies by […]

Paying for the Health Care Changes

November 1, 2010

The first major effects of last spring’s health care reform, we’ve said for some months, will be seen in Medicare Advantage plans. Other parts of Medicare also will feel early effects from the new law. The first changes are here, and it’s time to review them and consider the likely future changes. The Medicare Advantage […]

How 2010 Taxes Affect Medicare Premiums

October 1, 2010

Your tax return for this year will determine your Medicare premiums in two years, if you’ll be a Medicare participant then. Since 2007, as income rises Medicare Part B premiums rise. More people will pay the higher premiums each year under the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010. Through 2010, the incomes at which the […]

Preparing for Medicare Open Season

October 1, 2010

It’s almost time to review your Medicare options. The time to make changes in some of your coverage is from Nov. 15 through the end of the year, so this is a good time to review all your Part B, C, D, and Medigap plan choices. You’ll be able to review your options before Nov. […]

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