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Strategies to Pay for Long-Term Care

April 1, 2006

Are consumers doing the right thing by not purchasing long-term care insurance? Insurers long have been frustrated by the small number of people purchasing LTC insurance. Though more people enter the target age group for the policies, few buy. In 2004, 326,000 new policies worth $700 million were sold. That was a 25% decline from […]


Medicare Premiums to Increase

March 1, 2006

The deficit reduction law signed by the President in February also accelerated the higher Medicare Part B premiums that were scheduled to take effect over the next five years. You might recall from our August 2005 issue that premiums are scheduled to rise for Medicare Part B. Through 2006, each beneficiary pays the same premium, […]


Important Medicaid Update for Heirs

March 1, 2006

The new uncertainty over Medicaid eligibility is not the only reason Medicaid should not be the centerpiece of your long-term care plan. Another concern is that your heirs might receive an unpleasant surprise from the state. When Medicaid decides someone is eligible for it to pay for nursing home care, the individual is told that […]


Medicaid Nursing Home Rules Toughen

March 1, 2006

People who plan to have Medicaid pay for their nursing home care are in for some big surprises. A new law that has not received much publicity changes the rules. Medicaid is the program that pays the medical expenses of the nation’s poor. Medicare is the program that pays some medical expenses of older Americans. […]


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The Overlooked Retirement Time Bomb

February 1, 2006

My file of articles about retiree medical expenses is filling rapidly with unpleasant headlines. One sample sums up the group: “How Safe Are Your Retiree Health Benefits?” Numerous surveys and my own experience lead to one conclusion: Most retirees and pre-retirees greatly underestimate how much medical expenses will be during retirement and are mistaken about […]


How to Quantify the Financial Effects of Prescription Drug Plans

December 1, 2005

The new Medicare Part D program is under way. In past visits we reviewed the key factors to consider when comparing plans for the new prescription drug benefit option. Of course, the bottom line financial costs and benefits also are important. This month we look at how to quantify the financial effects of different plans. […]


Medicare Prescription Drug Program – Answering 2 Key Questions

December 1, 2005

Two questions frequently are generated by the Medicare Prescription Drug Program. Where can I learn more about my options? There are numerous sources of help for the new drug plan. Start with the free publication, Medicare and You. The 2006 edition was mailed recently to all Medicare beneficiaries and is available on the Medicare web […]

Making the Medicare Prescription Drug Decision

November 1, 2005

The promotions for the Medicare prescription drug program are starting and will become intense for many of you over the next few months. Take your time to analyze the choices. If you are eligible for Medicare now, you are eligible for the prescription drug program. Sign ups for the plans can start Nov. 15. The […]

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