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Why Americans Move? The Retirement Impact

January 6, 2015

Most people don’t move in retirement. About 80% or more stay close to where they lived in the decades before retirement. But there are many people, retired and otherwise, who move each year. Reports by two moving companies reveal why many people move: warmer temperatures and more affordable homes. The top states people are leaving […]

Making the Most of Home Equity in Retirement

December 1, 2014

Some of the biggest mistakes and lost opportunities in retirement finance involve the family residence. A home usually is among the most valuable assets on a family’s balance sheet and one of the largest sources of expenses. Yet, most retirement plans don’t give much consideration to the home and home equity, leaving a lot of […]

Controlling Retirement Housing Costs

October 1, 2014

Housing is the biggest expense of most retirees, according to the Department of Labor. But don’t take that literally. Most of the cost is what Labor estimates as owners’ equivalent rent, not a cash expense. Even so, this article gives the details and some advice on how to reduce the cost. The best advice is […]

Choosing a Retirement Community

June 25, 2014

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) are what many people think of as retirement communities. They provide a continuing level of care based on what you need at any time. They have independent living for those who can live on their own; assisted living for those who need some care; and nursing home facilities for those […]

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Remaining in Your Home for Life

June 1, 2014

Remaining in their current homes for as long as possible is a priority of most adults over 65. About 80% don’t want to move, according to AARP. There are obstacles to remaining in the same home as the years go on. Fortunately, aging in place is possible for more people than only a few years […]

Not-So-Mobile America in Retirement

May 29, 2014

People like to think of Americans as being very mobile, moving from state to state. There’s a belief that most Americans move after retiring. Most of that isn’t true. About 70% of Americans live in the state where they were born, according to a recent study. Why people move is an issue of some contention. […]

Paying the Reverse Mortgage

April 4, 2014

Most people know generally about reverse mortgages. But not much attention is paid to what happens at the end of a reverse mortgage. This story purports to tell the story, but it raises a lot of questions for me. A reverse mortgage allows a senior adult or couple to tap their home equity while remaining […]

Consider Grabbing a Reverse Mortgage Now

December 1, 2013

Reverse mortgages can be powerful cash generators in those post-career years, when used properly. Anyone who might be interested in using a reverse mortgage in the next few years should consider lining one up now. This is a good reverse mortgage shopping time because interest rates are bottoming. Though you don’t make regular loan payments […]


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