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Changes in Reverse Mortgages

April 15, 2013

Over the years, reverse mortgages have grown in popularity among senior Americans. A reverse mortgage allows a homeowner age 62 or older to tap the equity in the home without having to make payments for as long as he or she lives in the home. The federal government guarantees most reverse mortgages that are made […]

Snap Up a Reverse Mortgage Now

April 2, 2013

So says the Mortgage Professor, Jack Guttentag, an emeritus finance professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Guttentag’s main argument is that interest rates are so low that it’s a good idea to snap up the cash now. Low rates let you borrow more than you could borrow at higher rates. Guttentag […]

Where to Grow Older

March 1, 2013

Success in most things in life often can be accomplished largely on our own. But successful aging requires some help and a proper environment. You’ll find a lot of surveys of best places to retire. But the Milken Institute offers a unique approach with its Best Cities for Successful Aging. The institute set five goals […]

Best Places to Retire

January 24, 2013

Most people, something like 80%, retire in or very close to the homes they lived in before retirement. Despite that, many media outlets and organizations like to publish lists of the best and worth places to retire. This post from Forbes highlights a survey from There are a lot of reasons to criticize the […]


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Coming Changes in Reverse Mortgages

December 18, 2012

Reverse mortgages help older homeowners stay in their homes by letting them spend home equity without selling the homes or writing monthly repayment checks. The number of reverse mortgages issued increases each year, and most of those mortgages are insured by the FHA. If the banks or other lenders misprice the mortgages and lose money, […]

The Retirement Nomad Life

October 22, 2012

One way to live in retirement for at least a few years is to sell your home and most of your possessions and spend your time traveling, staying in one place for an extended period. The Wall Street Journal today has an article by a woman who’s living that way with her husband. They rent […]

Tips for Signing into a Nursing Home

September 18, 2012

When someone begins residence at a nursing home, a lot of documents need to be signed by the resident or someone acting on his or her behalf. More and more often, one of those documents is an arbitration or mediation agreement. In effect, the resident is signing away the right to take any disputes to […]

Tip-Toeing Into the Second Home Market

September 1, 2012

The signs are we’re in or nearing a good time to look at a vacation home or a property in a vacation area. I don’t think we’re entering a new real estate boom, so don’t expect buying now will set you up for big capital gains in a few years. I’ve been saying that residential […]


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