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Are You Using the Wrong Tax Rate in Your Retirement Planning?

November 21, 2021

[Publisher Note: You’ll notice at the end of today’s story a link – and a very important one, at that. On this page is a special rebroadcast of Monday’s Retirement Watch member conference call… in which Bob and special guest David Phillips predict what Congress will do in 2022 and what it could mean for […]

estate planning

How the IRS Taxes Your Wealth & Estate

March 3, 2020

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to reduce or even eliminate your estate tax… It’s best to first understand how the IRS taxes your wealth. Here’s the computation, in a nutshell: Your Gross Estate… Minus Deductions allowed (administrative expenses, funeral expenses, losses, debts, charitable contributions, marital deduction) Equals Your Taxable Estate Adding Lifetime Taxable […]

2 Ways To Avoid the ‘Double Tax’ on Your Retirement Benefits

October 22, 2019

As you know, IRAs and other retirement plans are included in the estate of the owner… And subject to federal estate taxes — when the estate is valuable enough. Here’s what many people don’t know: Unlike other assets, the tax basis of IRAs is not increased to current fair market value by those who inherit […]

How to Trim Taxes and Maximize Benefits from RMDs

January 2, 2019

Last week, I shared   4 ways to trim taxes, and maximize required minimum distribution (RMD) benefits. This week, let’s continue the discussion, with 5 more strategies to consider, starting with.. Timing distributions. The tax law says the IRA must distribute at least the RMD by the close of business on Dec. 31. Other than […]


9 Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Strategies Every Retiree Should Know

December 27, 2018

Every retiree wants to trim taxes, and maximize benefits. But very few know how to approach this the right way. Today, I’ll share how you can maximize your benefits from Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), and reduce your tax bill. Required minimum distributions from IRAs weren’t simplified or changed in the new tax law. Taxpayers ages […]

Tax Diversification for Retirees: Use It to Make Tax Reform Even Better

March 22, 2018

Tax reform made tax diversification even more valuable and important. Tax diversification allows you to manage your tax bracket by planning and controlling distributions during retirement. When properly done, under the new tax rate tables, many middle-income retirees will be able to stay in the 0% federal income tax bracket for most of retirement. To […]


How to Maximize Charitable Giving Tax Benefits in the New Tax Reform Law

March 9, 2018

Many savvy taxpayers will change their charitable giving strategies… now that they’ve had time to process the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. For years I’ve advised that writing checks to charities each year, or more frequently, is an inefficient way to donate. It’s even less efficient now. The latest tax law made several […]


2017 Tax Reform: A Game Changer for Retirement? (Part 2)

February 2, 2018

Editor’s Note:  This week, we’re continuing our deep dive into the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.  Click here to get caught up on Part 1 of our story: The 2017 Tax Reform Law and Your Retirement Finances Some readers are asking about the charitable contribution deduction, of which there are a few changes. […]


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