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How to Profit from Your Old Life Insurance Policy

December 1, 2000

What should you do with that cash value life insurance policy you no longer need? Many of you have old cash value policies that aren’t doing you any good. Perhaps you bought them years ago when your insurance needs were much higher. Your insurance needs changed, because of increased wealth, divorce, or a spouse’s death. […]


The Most Common Insurance Mistake

May 1, 2000

Following rules of thumb can be dangerous to your wealth. Yet rules of thumb are the way many people decide how much life insurance to purchase. That’s why most people have either too much or too little life insurance. It’s one of the major financial mistakes. Buy too much life insurance, and you are wasting […]


7 Shrewd Insurance-Buying Tips

March 1, 2000

Insurance mistakes can be among the most expensive financial mistakes. Own too much insurance or the wrong insurance, and each year you’ll pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in premiums that don’t do you much good. Own too little insurance, and you could end up paying for losses that easily and cheaply could have been […]


The Tax-Free Life Insurance Trust – An Estate Planning Strategy

June 1, 1999

There’s a big down-side to the boom in stocks and other financial assets. When the value of the assets you own goes up, so do potential estate and gift taxes. If you don’t take action, the IRS could end up with more of your estate than your loved ones. One easy way to handle the […]


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How to Build a Better, Cheaper Life Insurance Trust

March 1, 1999

You’ve probably seen the promotions for those tax-free “investments” that give a 10 to 1 return on your money. When you get past the initial pitch, you find that the investment is a life insurance policy that pays off for your heirs, not you. As part of the promotions, you’ll learn that the best way […]


Buying Life Insurance Can Be Easy And Cheap

April 1, 1998

Life insurance premiums have been crashing for years. Now is the best time to buy insurance, and it is easier than ever to get the best deal. That’s because a number of services operating on the internet or through toll-free telephone numbers will survey premiums at a number of insurance companies and give you the […]


The 8-To-1 Life Insurance Pay-off

February 1, 1998

I’m not a big fan of using permanent life insurance to solve estate planning problems. I think with some planning most estate planning goals can be reached with low-cost term insurance and other strategies. But there is a type of life insurance that can be very attractive. In fact, this insurance has such a big […]


Handling Unneeded Life Insurance

December 1, 1997

Are you one of many Americans who have too much life insurance? In last month’s visit I showed you how to determine how much insurance you need. In this visit, I’ll show you how to make the most of any excess coverage. Obviously, we’re looking at permanent cash value life insurance policies. If you have […]

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