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The Charitable Remainder Trust: How to Protect & Stretch Your IRA

September 19, 2018

The number of people naming charitable trusts as IRA beneficiaries is climbing, and for good reasons. Typically, IRA beneficiaries are individuals, often the surviving spouse or the adult children of the owner. The goal often is to create a Stretch IRA, with the beneficiary taking only required minimum distributions (RMDs) each year so the tax-deferred […]

Estate Planning

How to Protect Your IRAs for Beneficiaries: A Simple Estate Planning Guide

April 6, 2018

How do you increase the odds your IRA will last for a long time? Be sure your beneficiaries know what they need to do! Many people have substantial balances in traditional IRAs. Often, a prime goal is for the IRA to help provide for the next generation or two. One way to do so is […]

Estate Planning

Few Changes for Estate Planning, IRAs in New Tax Law

January 16, 2018

The 2017 tax law doesn’t require many changes to your estate plan or IRA strategies. Though there are many changes proposed in Congress and in early versions of the law, few revisions affecting IRAs and the estate tax made it into the final version. A major change for IRA owners is the loss of the […]

Winning the War on Stretch IRAs with Correct Estate Planning

May 5, 2016

Preserving IRA wealth for children and other younger beneficiaries is a goal of many people. That’s because a large percentage of their wealth is in IRAs and other qualified retirement plans. Two forces, however, stand in opposition to that goal and need to be defeated. One force is the required minimum distributions (RMDs). After age […]

Estate Planning

How to Integrate IRAs into Estate Planning

September 1, 2014

IRAs are among the most valuable assets in many estates. The right moves can maximize the after-tax value of the IRAs for the objects of your affection. Too often, not enough thought is given to the different ways IRAs can be handled in an estate plan, so the value isn’t maximized. The IRAs don’t create […]

Estate Planning

Investing Strategies to Help Grandkids

July 1, 2014

Summer is filled with tax-advantaged ways to provide financial help for grandkids who are old enough to work. The Estate Planning strategies also work during other periods when the youngsters work. Some of the estate planning strategies are useful only if you own a business, but first here’s one that everyone can use. You can […]

Estate Planning Dangers in Inherited IRAs

February 1, 2014

People who inherit IRAs from somone’s Estate Planning need to be careful before they take any actions. They also need to be clear with the IRA custodian. Otherwise, the IRA might be inadvertently liquidated, triggering significant taxes. There are two mistakes commonly made by beneficiaries or custodians. After an IRA is inherited, it has to […]

Estate Planning

Using Summer Jobs to Create Roth IRAs as Estate Planning Start

July 1, 2010

More American teenagers than in recent years are seeking summer jobs this year (though fewer than in the old days). You can help make a summer job more profitable for your grandchildren and teach them about long-term Estate Planning at the same time. Or you can provide an additional incentive for the teenager who doesn’t […]


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