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Strategies for maximizing your Individual Retirement Account (IRA’s) Investments, Tax Savings and Timing of Required Minimum Distributions

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Inside Kentucky’s Pension Plan

June 21, 2016

Though a number of states and localities have pension funds with funding troubles, the worst is Kentucky’s. The plan has assets equal to only 19% of its estimated liabilities. Even worse is that the administration of the pension fund is dysfunctional and possibly corrupt. There also is a lot of political maneuvering related to the […]

Avoiding the Major Rollover Mistakes

June 16, 2016

Retirement plan rollovers are in the news. Specifically, rollovers of 401(k)s and other qualified retirement plan accounts to individual retirement accounts (IRAs) have been making headlines. Last month we addressed the new fiduciary standard the Department of Labor imposed on those who work with IRAs. The rules were generated because the government disapproves of the […]

Understanding the New Fiduciary Rules for Retirement Accounts

May 20, 2016

You might have noticed a lot of reports in the media in early April regarding the application of the “fiduciary standard” to IRAs and similar accounts. You likely will see additional reports, because some in Congress want to override these new regulations by the Department of Labor, and some private entities might sue to overturn […]

What Every Spouse Needs to Know About Inheriting an IRA

May 20, 2016

Many mistakes are made with inherited individual retirement accounts (IRAs). The rules aren’t straightforward or intuitive, so people often make the wrong decisions, resulting in thousands of dollars of taxes unnecessarily paid to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Your loved ones need to know what to do when they inherit an IRA. Knowing the rules […]


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Why You Should Make Charitable Contributions from Your IRA

May 19, 2016

Congress finally delivered good news to individual retirement account (IRA) owners late in 2015. The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH) made permanent the qualified charitable distribution (QCD) from IRAs for taxpayers ages 70½ and older. The QCD, one of the best ways to make charitable gifts, has been in and out […]

2016: A Good Year to Convert IRAs?

May 19, 2016

This could be the best year in a while to maximize the benefits of converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. Even if it didn’t seem to make sense in the past, it might in 2016. You know the benefits of a Roth IRA. There are no income taxes on the IRA’s earnings or […]

The Bankrupt U.S. Government Pension System

April 7, 2016

There have been many reports of the perilous financial state of state and local pension funds and of Social Security. Overlooked in all the analyses is the terrible condition of the retirement system the U.S. governments offers for its own employees. The system was reformed somewhat in the 1980s to a hybrid system. Long-time employees […]


Avoiding Expensive IRA Mistakes

April 3, 2016

IRA rules and strategies can be more complicated once the early contribution and accumulation years are behind us. There are various tricks and traps in the IRA rules, and there are strategies for maximizing IRA values that aren’t intuitive. […]


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