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Individual Retirement Accounts - IRAs

Strategies for maximizing your Individual Retirement Account (IRA’s) Investments, Tax Savings and Timing of Required Minimum Distributions

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Managing Required IRA Distributions

December 1, 2012

The IRS is cracking down on IRA mistakes, and improper required minimum distributions (RMDs) are a major target. The IRS receives enough in-formation from IRA custodians to identify people who might have made RMD mistakes. The penalty for an incorrect RMD is 50% of the amount you should have distributed but didn’t. The IRS isn’t […]

Evaluating Your 401(k) Plan

November 19, 2012

Most people don’t know a lot about their 401(k) plans, which is odd, because that is the main retirement savings vehicle for most Americans. SmartMoney lists the key factors you need to review when evaluating your 401(k) plan. I don’t usually like SmartMoney’s “10 Things…” series, but this one makes a few good points among […]

A Primer on Converting to a Roth IRA

November 1, 2012

Tax rates and taxes on investment income could rise after 2012. There’s the fiscal cliff of expiring tax provisions. Beyond that, there’s the likelihood that spiraling federal budget deficits and tax reform will cause higher tax rates on distributions from traditional IRAs. That’s why in 2012 Roth IRA conversions are on the list of potential […]

Safe Ways to Combine Trusts and IRAs

October 1, 2012

Trusts can make an inherited IRA last longer. They can control how an IRA is invested after you’re gone and when distributions are made to beneficiaries. Unfortunately, the tax law throws some obstacles in your way. Standard trusts and IRAs don’t mix. To reap the benefits of combining an IRA with a trust, you and […]


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Avoiding Costly IRA Blunders

September 1, 2012

IRAs are among the most valuable assets most people own, and they become more valuable after receiving 401(k) rollovers. But they aren’t the s vehicles they seemed when people were opening them. There are many misunderstandings about IRAs. These misunderstandings frequently result in taxes and penalties that easily could be avoided. IRAs aren’t the simple […]

What’s Wrong with 401(k) Plans

August 30, 2012

The 401(k) revolution isn’t increasing retirement security for most employees. I don’t know many people who dispute that. But the real question is: Why aren’t 401(k) plans working. Of course, two reasons are employee behavior. They don’t save enough, and they don’t invest. But another problem, according to this post, is that most 401(k) plans […]

Using IRAs to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff

August 1, 2012

Taxes will increase, especially for investors, in 2013 and beyond. The only question is how high they will increase. The 3.8% tax on investment income that was enacted as part of health care reform will go into effect, as described on page five of this visit. The Bush tax cuts, payroll tax reduction, and other […]

Inside California’s Big Pension Plan

July 17, 2012

California has the country’s largest pension fund, the California Public Employee Retirement System (CALPERS). It’s had mediocre to poor returns for years and delivered again recently, reporting about a 1% total return for its fiscal year ending June 30. This is well below the fund’s target rate of return, which means its unfunded liability increases […]


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