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Individual Retirement Accounts - IRAs

Strategies for maximizing your Individual Retirement Account (IRA’s) Investments, Tax Savings and Timing of Required Minimum Distributions

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IRA: Key Questions and Answers

December 1, 2008

The financial crisis continues to have secondary effects few people anticipated. Decisions are required, especially with regard to IRAs. Let’s take a look at the IRA: key questions and answers. Is there relief for IRA owners over age 70½ who have not yet taken their required minimum distributions for the year? IRA owners must take […]


How Heirs Can Secure the Stretch IRA

September 1, 2008

Estate plans often go awry simply because beneficiaries were not aware of the actions they needed to take or that the estate owner wanted taken to fully implement the plan. IRAs are the assets beneficiaries are mostly like to handle poorly. In a recent IRS ruling, an IRA beneficiary avoided a tax disaster, but she […]


Dos and Don’ts of IRA Investing

August 1, 2008

Many people own substantial IRAs and do a lot of their investing through IRAs. These investors might not realize some investments are prohibited from IRAs and others are allowed but incur tax penalties. This issue is more important in today’s climate, because “hard assets” and other nontraditional assets-those that are doing well today-are primarily those […]


When Should You Reverse an IRA Conversion

July 1, 2008

IRA owners who convert their traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs during the year need to continue monitoring their accounts. It might be advantageous to reverse an IRA conversion. Reversing an IRA conversion, known as a recharacterization, can be done any time before the due date for the tax return for the year of the conversion, […]

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Asset Protection for IRAs

April 1, 2008

IRAs are among the most valuable assets many Americans own, and protecting those assets from creditors and lawsuits can be a concern. This can be a tricky proposition, because IRAs are in a netherworld of asset protection. Protection for IRAs in federal bankruptcy court was improved by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act […]


Reasons to Consider an In-Service Distribution

April 1, 2008

Few people know that it is possible to take your money out of a 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan and continue working for the employer. The move clearly is allowed in the tax law, and many employer plans allow it. Some employees should consider taking this step. The action is known by pension experts […]


How to Avoid Tricks and Traps in Required Minimum Distributions

April 1, 2008

Required minimum distributions from IRAs and other qualified retirement plans are a source of frequent mistakes. This is an area in which you want to avoid mistakes, because the penalty is steep. The IRS changed the rules for RMDs in 2001 and 2002. There still are a lot of publications and web sites with the […]

The Roth IRA Opportunity

March 1, 2008

Roth IRAs are one of the best tax-advantaged investment vehicles. Right now they are available to only taxpayers with incomes below certain levels. In a couple of years, all investors will be able to take advantage of this opportunity by converting traditional IRAs into roth iras. Those whose incomes make them ineligible for Roth IRAs […]


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