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Is Premium Term Life Insurance Worth the Cost?

August 1, 2008

Life insurance companies developed many bells and whistles to make their products more attractive to buyers. The buyers have to determine if these features are worth their additional cost. One frequent objection from potential purchasers of term life insurance is that the coverage might not be used. The policy owner could pay premiums for decades, […]


How Life Insurance has Turned Into a Valuable Hidden Asset

February 1, 2008

Most people do not use of all their assets. In fact, many people have assets they unaware of that could be exploited to better achieve their financial and personal goals. In this visit you are going to learn how recent changes have turned life insurance and insurability into very valuable hidden assets for some people. […]


Why Life Insurance is An Important Tool in Estate Planning

September 1, 2007

After the 2001 tax law began a phaseout of the estate tax, many people concluded there was no longer a reason for life insurance and insurance trusts to be considered as part of an estate plan. Yet, there always were reasons to consider life insurance in plans, and there might be new reasons in the […]


Life Insurance: How Much Do You Need?

August 1, 2007

Few people own the right amount of life insurance, because there probably is truth in the adage that life insurance is sold, not bought. Most people avoid the topic until they have to address it. Those that do seek out life insurance often receive all their advice from one commissioned agents instead of from several […]


Term Insurance: New Developments

June 1, 2007

Term life insurance is one of the simplest and least glamorous insurance products. It also is a work horse and, unknown to most, has become quite a bargain in the last few years. If you have not reviewed your policies in a few years, or if you didn’t buy in the past because it was […]


Are the New Life Insurance Annuities Worth the Cost?

June 1, 2007

Insurers want you to buy more annuities. They expect that as the Baby Boomers age they will need dependable sources of lifetime income, and annuities will provide a large portion of that income. The sticking point is that many people do not want to buy annuities, because the annuity payments last only for life. If […]


How to Estimate Your Life Insurance Needs

July 1, 2006

Most people have the wrong amount of life insurance. Some have too much; others have too little. Life insurance coverage often is wrong because most people enter the process believing that they need one life insurance policy. They might consider term and whole life, and perhaps a few of the other types of policies. They […]


Which Life Insurance to Buy?

June 1, 2006

Most Americans are confused about life insurance. They admit this and aren’t doing anything about it. That is unfortunate, because changes in the life insurance industry are very favorable to insurance buyers. Let’s take a look at the traditional debate of term insurance vs. whole life insurance. Term insurance is a “life insurance only” policy, […]

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