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Life Insurance for Retirees

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How to Estimate Your Life Insurance Needs

July 1, 2006

Most people have the wrong amount of life insurance. Some have too much; others have too little. Life insurance coverage often is wrong because most people enter the process believing that they need one life insurance policy. They might consider term and whole life, and perhaps a few of the other types of policies. They […]


Which Life Insurance to Buy?

June 1, 2006

Most Americans are confused about life insurance. They admit this and aren’t doing anything about it. That is unfortunate, because changes in the life insurance industry are very favorable to insurance buyers. Let’s take a look at the traditional debate of term insurance vs. whole life insurance. Term insurance is a “life insurance only” policy, […]


Is it a Good Time to Shop for Life Insurance

June 1, 2006

Anyone who bought term insurance more than five years ago should consider shopping for a policy again. Because of much longer life expectancy and higher investment returns, premiums on term life insurance have declined significantly. In fact, over the past decade term premiums have declined by about 50%. Insurers also are being more generous in […]


How to Buy the Right Amount of Life Insurance

December 1, 2004

Most Americans ignore what insurers tell them about the amount of life insurance to buy. That’s probably a good thing for them. Even so, most people own the wrong amount of insurance. They ask the wrong question and get the wrong answer. The insurance industry generally recommends buying life insurance benefits equal to seven times […]


Are Multibenefit Policies Worth the Cost?

September 1, 2003

Insurers have had trouble selling long-term health care insurance policies. To boost sales, they created multiple benefit policies. Let’s take a look at them. Insurers face a dilemma. During most of the average person’s life, he is more likely to become disabled or in need of long-term care than to die prematurely. Yet, fewer people […]


Nine Questions to Ask Before Buying Life Insurance

October 1, 2002

Many investment insurance policies aren’t having the results that were expected. Their buyers didn’t realize that insurance policies also could be hurt by a bear market just like stocks and mutual funds. Here is what you need to know to avoid this situation, and to make a good decision regarding the future of any policy […]

Does Life Insurance Still Matter?

April 1, 2002

Does the scheduled repeal of the estate tax make permanent, cash value life insurance obsolete? Some financial advisers think that if the estate tax’s days are numbered, few people need life insurance. Others say nothing has changed. The truth is somewhere in between. Let’s review some of the reasons why you don’t want to automatically […]


How to avoid the Variable Life Insurance traps?

January 1, 2002

Variable life insurance can be a powerful financial tool, and this is a good time to consider using it. But it also is fraught with traps, and those traps recently were sprung on many policyholders. Here’s how to avoid those traps and know when to use variable life. In the best of circumstances, the benefits […]


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