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Long-Term Care Insurance

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Estate Planning

Knowing When Long Term Care Insurance is for You

January 1, 2010

Insurers and insurance agents often are mystified at the numbers. Despite their efforts to sell long-term care insurance policies, only a small percentage of the potential buyers own LTCI. I’m not bothered when insurers miss profit opportunities. But I am concerned when people don’t protect themselves by purchasing insurance they should have. Let’s take a […]

Estimating the Cost of Long-Term Care

July 1, 2009

The cost of long-term care is a mystery to many Americans. They hear the cost is high, and occasionally they hear quotes of national averages of the cost. But that does not help an individual plan for the cost or decide whether to buy long-term care insurance or how much to buy. A valuable tool […]

Critical New Trends in Long-Term Care

May 1, 2009

Many people do not realize that long-term care insurance has been a mainstream product only since the 1980s. It still is evolving, and insurers are learning more all the time. Also, there are dramatic changes occurring in the population and in medical care that affect the pricing and terms of long-term care insurance. In this […]

When to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance

February 1, 2009

One of the more difficult decisions about long-term care insurance is: At what age should it be purchased? There are a raft of trade offs to consider. The annual premiums of the insurance are lower the younger you are when the policy is purchased. But benefits usually are not claimed until in one’s late seventies […]

Long-Term Care Insurance Policies and the Credit Crisis

January 1, 2009

The financial crisis is raising new concerns about long-term care insurance policies. In December Conseco announced it was transferring most of its 140,000 long-term care insurance policies into a nonprofit trust supervised by the Pennsylvania insurance commissioner. No new money will be put into the trust to pay claims, and insurance rater A.M. Best warned […]


Long-Term Care and LTC Insurance – New Trends

August 1, 2008

The possible need for long-term care is one of the greatest concerns of American adults. Recent data indicate the concern is well-placed. Baby Boomers are forecast to need long-term care at a greater rate than their predecessors because of longer life expectancies and improvements in medical care. One federal report estimated that 13 million Americans […]


When to Change Long-Term Care Insurance Policies

February 1, 2008

This could be an auspicious time for owners of long-term care insurance policies to consider upgrading or exchanging. While many people have not purchased the policies those who purchased them in the past should take a look at what is available. The biggest gripe of LTC policy owners is premium increases. There are a few […]


Long-Term Care Insurance Is Now More Lucrative

July 1, 2007

Changes are occurring that could make long-term care insurance more attractive to consumers. These changes, plus some shrewd moves by policy buyers, can ensure that more consumers have protection from the expense of long-term care at an affordable price. One change that has been taking place over the last few years is consolidation of the […]


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