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The Debate About Dying at 75

September 25, 2014

Earlier I linked to an article by Ezekiel Emanuel arguing that he doesn’t want to live beyond age 75. Here’s a response to Emanuel’s argument, making the case that it is desirable to live longer and that Emanuel probably doesn’t appreciate many aspects of his life today. It is easy for me to see how […]

Are We Living Too Long?

September 19, 2014

We all should hope to die at 75 according to Ezekiel Emanuel, a physician and considered an architect of the Affordable Care Act. In this piece, he says he wants to live to 75 and only 75. He argues that living beyond that is a loss, because most people become incapacitated, dependent, and chronically ill […]

Living to 100

August 1, 2014

There are four keys to a long life, according to a recent study by BMO Wealth Institute (related to the Bank of Montreal). The four factors shouldn’t come as a surprise to readers of Retirement Watch or this blog. But the linked article is a good summary of the available research. The BMO report cited […]

Estimating Longevity

April 25, 2014

A major mistake in most retirement plans is underestimating how long retirement will last. Most people routinely underestimate the life expectancy for people their age. More importantly, life expectancy varies with income level. The higher your income in your 50s, the longer you are likely to live, and life expectancy has increased more for higher […]


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