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Managed vs. Core Portfolios

January 1, 2004

Periodically it is fun and instructive to compare our Core Portfolios and Managed Portfolios. Longtime readers know I recommend dividing a portfolio into two portions. The Core Portfolio is long-term, buy-and-hold, diversified, and balanced. It keeps us disciplined. The Core Portfolio won’t let our emotions take us in and out of the markets at the […]


How Safety-First Investing Builds More Wealth

January 1, 2004

Value and caution pay richer rewards than do growth and excitement. Market action of the last few years contains some great examples of this lesson. The bear market began in March 2000 and bottomed in October 2002. The market indexes have had a strong run since the bottom, with the Nasdaq returning over 50% and […]


The Mutual Fund Scandals and Our Portfolios

December 1, 2003

The mutual fund scandals continue to grow. What initially was malfeasance at one hedge fund and a few managers at four fund families now appear to be widespread industry practices. The SEC said a survey of major fund management companies revealed that about 25% of the fund companies admitted to regularly engaging in such behavior, […]


Real Estate and Your Portfolio

October 1, 2003

More and more investors are realizing why a long-time anchor in our portfolios is real estate. These investors and their advisors have learned to follow our example. A big advantage of including real estate in a balanced, diversified portfolio is that real estate tends to be non-correlated with stocks. That means real estate usually appreciates […]

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The Bond Bear Market And Your Portfolio

September 1, 2003

The 21-year party in treasury bonds is over for at least a couple of years. The first phase of the bond bear market probably ended in mid-August. But there is more to come. Investors must adjust to the new bond market. Capital gains from income investments will be few and far between. Safety and income […]


The Old Road to Safe, Higher Dividend Yields

August 1, 2003

We’re returning to the 1950s – and even earlier. Decades ago, retired people who wanted a reliable source of high income didn’t buy certificates of deposit, money market funds, or bonds. They purchased stocks. Dividend yields on stocks were higher than interest rates on quality bonds. Now that we’ve returned to a world of low […]


Your Portfolio And The Economy

July 1, 2003

Most investors try to forecast the economy and use that forecast to manage their investments. Don’t take that route. There is a long-term relationship between stocks and the economy. Over short and even intermediate-term periods, there is not a strong tie between stock returns and the economy. We don’t have to look back too far […]


Carlson’s Choice Mutual Funds

July 1, 2003

I keep our portfolios streamlined with my best ideas, but some of you want more than one fund for a sector. For these readers, we’ll take a look at some other funds to consider. One of my favorite approaches to stock market investing is to invest with a good stock picker who buys only his […]


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