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The Coming Wave of Scams

May 1, 2009

The headlines seemed to be filled with investment frauds and scams. Bear markets tend to reveal Ponzi schemes and other frauds. But do not get the impression the scams are only a product of the bull market. Tough times tend to produce more scams than good times, because people are more desperate for help. The […]

How to Revise Your Spending Plan

March 1, 2009

The swift declines in most asset classes in late 2008 damaged many portfolios. For those who are retired or near retirement, one step you have to take after such an event is to re-evaluate retirement spending. Specifically you have to check the rate at which you are withdrawing money from your retirement portfolio and decide […]

Bernard Madoff and Classic Frauds

February 1, 2009

Most investment frauds, especially Ponzi schemes, last five years or less and steal relatively modest sums. Two of the many remarkable aspects of the Ponzi scheme of Bernard Madoff are that the fraud apparently persisted for decades and cost investors billions of dollars. Yet, many aspects of the scheme are classic, unremarkable features of run-of-the-mill […]

How to Safely Reduce Insurance Costs

January 1, 2009

Times are tight, so people are looking for ways to slash expenses. Insurance is a good target for many people. There are a couple of ways to safely reduce insurance costs. You might have unneeded or duplicate coverage. Those expenses can be eliminated. You also might be paying too much for coverage you need. Shopping […]


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How Safe Are Your Assets?

November 1, 2008

Is your money safe? It is amazing how quickly investors went from not worrying about risk to having that be the first question on their minds. As the financial crisis spreads, people are worried about the safety of their money and how to make their assets more secure. Here’s an overview of the rules for […]


Red Alert for Financial Frauds

November 1, 2008

The financial crisis means it is time to be on high alert for financial frauds. Scamsters know this is the best environment to find vulnerable targets. I dug through my files recently for a 2004 Wall Street Journal interview with imprisoned scamster Eric Stein. He laid out how frauds operate and why now is a […]


Senior Protection Moves to the Forefront

September 1, 2008

Seasoned investors might find reduced opportunities to receive free lunches and other treats. But they will gain better and swifter legal protection. After decades of bearing the brunt of most financial scams, senior Americans are receiving help. Scams that involve possible fraud against senior investors will be on the investigative fast track. The Financial Industry […]


8 Simple Strategies to Improve Cash Flow

August 1, 2008

Prices of key goods are high and rising, and most investments are down. Higher costs and lower income mean times are getting a bit tougher financially, and people are being more prudent with their money. Smart money moves don’t have to be painful. People can increase their cash flow with a little bit of work […]

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