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How Social Security Can Help Your Spouse

December 1, 2002

A key issue everyone faces is when to begin Social Security benefits. One aspect of this decision that is easy to overlook is how the choice could affect a spouse’s lifetime income. We’ve discussed when to begin Social Security benefits in past visits, most recently in the May 2002 issue (available in the Archive of […]


How To Ensure Your Wealth Lasts During Retirement

November 1, 2002

How long will your nest egg last? Everyone who considers retirement asks that question. The question is more important as the bear market stretches on and the government confirms that life expectancy continue to increase. Long lives and an extended bear market highlight a shortcoming in many retirement plans. The traditional retirement plan assumes an […]


How to Get The Best Deal on a Car

July 1, 2002

Car buying has changed dramatically. Not long ago, the route to a good deal on a car was simple. Find the manufacturer’s invoice price of a new car and offer enough above that to give the dealer a reasonable profit. For a better deal, wait to buy during the traditional sale season from November through […]


How to Save Money with Prescription Plans?

June 1, 2002

Prescription drugs are more numerous and more important to health care. Unfortunately, buying them is getting more confusing. Unlike the early days of Medicare, today drugs are the prime treatment for many diseases and conditions. Often, diseases are treated or controlled by taking medication for life. Drugs are a big reason why, despite an older […]

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When To Begin Social Security?

May 1, 2002

Big changes are coming to Social Security. I don’t mean anything Congress or the President might do. These changes were put in place in the 1980s and are just taking effect. These changes affect the retirement of everyone who won’t begin receiving Social Security benefits by the end of 2002 and will influence when people […]


Should you go back to work after retirement?

April 1, 2002

Sometimes work doesn’t really pay. The sad fact is that older Americans have to analyze this issue carefully before taking a job. While the situation improved after 1997 and 2000 law changes, if you are receiving Social Security benefits returning to paid employment actually could cost you money. I regularly hear from subscribers whose marginal […]


How Much Money Does One Need to Retire?

December 1, 2001

The cost of retirement is rising. That means fewer people appreciate how much wealth they need to retire or to continue their current retirement lifestyle. I’ve known this for several years, based on my careful study of retirees. But it was confirmed by a study funded by Aon Consulting and conducted by Georgia State University. […]


Easy Ways to Put More Money In Your Pocket

September 1, 2001

Are you being nickled-and-dimed to death? With investment returns down, watching expenses is as important as investing for income and capital gains. My forecast is that we are entering an era when 6% to 12% stock market returns are more likely than the 18% annual returns of the bull market. To meet your wealth accumulation […]


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