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How Much Money Does One Need to Retire?

December 1, 2001

The cost of retirement is rising. That means fewer people appreciate how much wealth they need to retire or to continue their current retirement lifestyle. I’ve known this for several years, based on my careful study of retirees. But it was confirmed by a study funded by Aon Consulting and conducted by Georgia State University. […]


Easy Ways to Put More Money In Your Pocket

September 1, 2001

Are you being nickled-and-dimed to death? With investment returns down, watching expenses is as important as investing for income and capital gains. My forecast is that we are entering an era when 6% to 12% stock market returns are more likely than the 18% annual returns of the bull market. To meet your wealth accumulation […]


How to Slash Auto Insurance Costs

March 1, 2001

The airwaves are full of ads for lower auto insurance costs. But the commercials don’t tell you even half the story. Unfortunately, few people do their auto insurance correctly. There are many ways to cut your auto premiums without putting yourself at risk. This is especially good news for older Americans. Those premium reductions you […]


How to Make the Nest Egg Last?

October 1, 2000

What return or yield do you need to make your nest egg last? How much can you safely withdraw from your retirement fund? Those are the key questions of retirement, because no one wants to run out of money. More people are asking these questions since interest rates settled near their lowest levels in decades […]


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Avoid This #1 Retirement Mistake

July 1, 2000

What’s the biggest mistake in retirement plans? From what I see, it is failing fully to factor inflation into their planning. Retirement these days often lasts 20 years or more. To be safe, you should plan on living to age 90. Over that time inflation can make a safe, comfortable stream of income uncomfortably tight, […]


How to Get the Most from Bank Fees

March 1, 2000

You are paying about $200 annually in bank fees, according to recent surveys. There are many different fees. I even got charged an excess account activity fee. Fortunately, the financial services revolution continues. Deregulation, technology, and competition give you a number of ways to reduce these fees or get your money’s worth from them. Here’s […]


Buying vs Leasing Your Next Car – Pros and Cons

July 1, 1999

The peak car-buying season is drawing to a close. That means prices are being cut and incentive deals are being offered for purchasing or leasing many cars. These deals come after most manufacturers actually lowered suggested prices last year. Values abound in the car world, but that’s no reason to leave cash on the table. […]


How to Avoid New Credit Card Traps

February 1, 1999

Always read those little booklets from your credit card company that describe changes in your card terms. I got quite a surprise when reading a recent one from Citibank, and millions of other cardholders across the country also received surprises. Unfortunately, many won’t learn of the new credit card traps until they learn how much […]

March 2021:

Congress Comes for your Retirement Money

A devastating new law has just been enacted, with serious consequences for anyone holding an IRA, pension, or 401(k). Fortunately, there are still steps you can take to sidestep Congress, starting with this ONE SIMPLE MOVE.

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