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5 Strategies to Simplify Your Retirement Finances

March 2, 2018

Most people’s finances are too complicated. And what I’ve found – after 20-plus years of publishing Retirement Watch – is that complicated finances lead to procrastination and stress. Too much time is spent simply organizing papers and data to figure out where things stand. By then, people are too exhausted to make decisions or implement […]

Inflation Policy: The Inflation Limit Isn’t 2%

February 27, 2018

Since the Fed announced some years ago that its goal was to raise inflation to 2%, many people have interpreted that to mean the Fed will tighten policy significantly once inflation reached 2%. As this article makes clear, that’s not the case. The Fed wants to see sustainable inflation of at least 2%. It’s going […]

Government Acts Against Those Scamming Seniors

February 23, 2018

Governments at all levels have been warning about frauds against seniors for years. On Thursday, the Department of Justice announced that a group of agencies had been working together and was taking big action. It filed charges against more than 250 alleged perpetrators of financial frauds against seniors. The charges also described the scams used […]

Retirement Dangers: Adult Children – Closing the Bank of Mom & Dad

December 13, 2017

This article explores a new study that found high percentages of older Americans still provide significant, regular support to their adult children. It also points out that this can endanger the parents’ retirement and gives tips for avoiding the problems. Cell phone bills, followed by transportation, rent and utilities, tops the list of living expenses, […]

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Should Seniors Spend More? Are Retirees too Afraid of Running out of Money?

December 11, 2017

A number of financial advisors have a complaint about their clients that isn’t in line with widely-held beliefs. These advisors believe their clients aren’t spending enough. The clients have saved and invested well, yet they spend as though they were starting out in life. The advisors believe these seniors are depriving themselves. BlackRock recently completed […]

Retirement Mistakes – Adult Children: Closing the Bank of Mom & Dad

December 1, 2017

Many people enter retirement with sufficient assets, but they run out of money during retirement. A major cause of the shortfall is providing too much help to the children and grandchildren, becoming the Bank of Mom & Dad. This article discusses the problem and gives some ways to avoid falling into this trap. Two-thirds of […]

Yellen Surprised by Inflation

October 16, 2017

Anyone who’s monitored Fed pronouncements the last few years knows that the central bank has significantly overestimated inflation. While others have said forces were in place to keep inflation below what it would be at this point in a traditional business cycle, the Fed disagreed. In this article, Chairman Janet Yellen acknowledges the Fed’s been […]

The Fight Against Senior Scams

October 2, 2017

Scams against seniors have been around for a long time, but efforts to combat them and protect seniors have been meager. That’s changed in the last few years. One act that accelerated protection for seniors was the Center for Disease Control declaring that financial abuse is a hazard to seniors. The CDC defined senior financial […]


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