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Knowing When Not to Delay Social Security

October 1, 2014

Most people don’t delay Social Security retirement benefits. They begin benefits as soon as they are able to at age 62 or shortly thereafter. That’s one reason why I frequently explain the advantages of delaying benefits for at least one spouse in a married couple. Yet, there are two sides to this issue. There are […]

Behind the Stock Market Headlines

September 16, 2014

Always look behind the headlines, I frequently advise. A good example is the recent news of stock indexes hitting record highs. That’s fine if you’re in the right index fund. But all is not well across the stock markets. Take a look at this analysis from A lot of stocks aren’t participating in the […]

Don’t Expect Much Help from Social Security Administration

August 8, 2014

While many people discuss the financial condition of Social Security, few people, even those in Congress, pay attention to the quality of the bureaucracy. This post argues that the service offered by the Social Security Administration is poor and becoming poorer. The SSA has steadily reduced the services it provides to us. In a recent […]

August 2014

August 1, 2014

August 29, 2014 11:00 a.m. Your Retirement Finance Week in Review I’m closing this week’s review a little early because of the holiday week. I hope each of you have a great Labor Day weekend. Thanks to all of you who joined us at last week’s San Francisco MoneyShow. I appreciate the positive feedback about […]

Social Security’s Low-Ball Estimates

July 17, 2014

It appears that for some reason Social Security deliberately underestimates the value of future retirement benefits. A few weeks back I came across an item that argued when SSA estimates future benefits it deliberately uses a low inflation or growth forecast. This item argues that SSA also understates the percentage of income that will be […]

More Stock Market Myths

July 10, 2014

People, especially investors, tend to believe things that aren’t true. They hear rules of thumb or assertions from others and latch on to them instead of looking at the research and thinking things through. Here’s a quick summary of seven market myths that Cullen Roche believes you should ignore. 3. You should focus either on […]

July 2014

July 1, 2014

Save the Date: Please join me at The MoneyShow San Francisco, this August 21-23! I’ll be making two presentations and always enjoy these opportunities to meet with some of my readers. There also will be dozens of other financial advisors making presentaitons. Get their latest stock picks, current market outlooks, most successful trading strategies and […]

The Shrinking Stock Market

June 30, 2014

Every investor should read this interview. It’s with Marc Andreeson, a well-known private equity or venture capital investor, especially in technology. The interview largely is devoted to explaining why fewer companies are listing their stock on public stock exchanges (going public) and why they are doing so later in their growth cycles than before. It’s […]


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