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An Optimistic Case for Stocks Prices

August 20, 2014

Economist Brad DeLong pushes back against the notion that stocks are overvalued and a bad investment at this point. The article is a little long and makes a number of points. He attacks a number of commonly-held views, such as that mean reversion is normal and inevitable, and that the long-term average of valuations is […]

Reasons to Buy Stocks

April 29, 2013

There are a lot of reasons floating around for people not to buy stocks. In fact, there always is a powerful bearish case to be made about stocks. I know people who’ve built businesses and careers being bearish about stocks no matter how well the  markets and economy were doing. The fact is it’s easier […]

Are Stocks Cheap?

March 25, 2013

One of the perpetual great debates among investors is the relative value of stocks. Are they cheap or are they expensive? This would be an easy question is everyone agreed on the correct metric. But they don’t. Some, such as Professor Robert Shiller and fund manager John Hussman, prefer 10-year average smoothed earnings. Others use […]

Stocks at Bargain Levels

March 19, 2013 caught a lot of attention yesterday with a somewhat misleading headline, “Record U.S. Stocks at Lowest Valuation since 1980.” You might ask, how can that be when most analysts say the stock indexes are somewhere near fairly valued. Reading the article further reveals that the real point is that the price-earnings ratios are the […]

Why Stocks Go Down

November 14, 2012

It doesn’t have much to do with the election or even fears of the fiscal cliff. Only a couple of things move stocks. They boil down to people either want to pay a higher multiple for earnings than they did yesterday, or they don’t. The fact is that earnings aren’t as robust as they were […]

Reconsidering Stocks for the Long Run

August 22, 2012

There’s an aggressive debate going on between those who believe stocks still should be the bulk of your portfolio and those who believe investors were sold a scam with the notion of owning primarily stocks for the long run. Bill Gross of PIMCO set up the debate, and others have piled in. The latest is […]

Reviewing Stocks’ Long-Term Returns

August 10, 2012

A generation or more of investors were educated to believe that stocks offer the highest long-term returns, and that stocks offer an extended real return of 6.6% annually. Bill Gross last week questioned whether that situation will persist for the next generation of investors, or at least for the next 10 years or so. Barry […]

Sorting Through Preferred Stocks

August 7, 2012

Preferred stocks provide above-average income with no more risk than long-term treasury bonds or stocks. One way to invest in preferreds is through an exchange-traded fund. But there are details about preferred stock ETFs that many people don’t know, and the preferred stock ETFs are not the same. Barron’s this week has a good, brief […]


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