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Taxes in Retirement

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Answering More Social Security Questions

April 1, 2013

 My recent articles on maximizing Social Security benefits generated a lot of interest among readers and triggered some good questions. In this visit we review some key questions readers asked. My wife died recently. I’m 62 and haven’t begun receiving any Social Security benefits. Since I’m older than 60, I’m eligible to receive survivor’s benefits. […]

Social Security is Paperless

April 1, 2013

Social Security officially went almost 100% paperless early in 2013. Paper benefit checks no longer are issued. If you don’t schedule electronic deposit into a financial account, Social Security will send you a payment card or debit card. Also, estimated benefit statements no longer are mailed. The statements were mailed to everyone age 25 and […]

Avoiding the Retiree Tax Attack

April 1, 2013

Income taxes are rising on those in or planning for retirement. Remember, the true value of your nest egg is its after-tax value. Politicians at all levels know that in-come and wealth are concentrated among those 55 and older, so those people are the focus of tax increases. The retiree tax attack tends to be […]

Planning When There are Family Caregivers

April 1, 2013

Younger family members often care for their parents or grandparents. There often is some agreement that the caregivers should be compensated in some way for their efforts. The compensation often is with an increased share of the estate. Too often, these agreements are haphazard and create both tax and family problems. It’s easy to avoid […]


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Avoid Becoming One of the IRS’s New Targets

March 1, 2013

New laws, changing demographics, and a new budget cause the IRS to shift its priorities. Many people who don’t pay attention will fall into the IRS’s snare. The new estate tax law means far fewer estates will be subject to taxes and need to be audited. The IRS plans to move many of its estate […]

Exploring the New Tax Law

February 1, 2013

You know that around New Year’s Day the crowd in Washington finally put agreed to a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, titled the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. In this visit we review the deal in detail. We start with a couple of provisions that haven’t received much media attention but are important […]

Reducing Medicare Premiums, Social Security Taxes and More

January 1, 2013

Retirees face the highest marginal tax rates. They use the same tax tables as everyone else, but there are nuances in the tax code that can trigger higher marginal rates for seniors. For retirees in what I call the marginal rate trap zone, reducing gross income or taxable in-come can have powerful benefits. The marginal […]

Proving Charitable Contributions

November 1, 2012

Many taxpayers still don’t realize the charitable contribution deduction rules changed a few years ago. Now, you can’t take a deduction unless you have certain paperwork in hand when your tax return is filed. If you don’t have the paperwork, you can’t take the deduction. Consider this recent case. A very successful real estate developer […]


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