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Taxes in Retirement

Bob Carlson of Retirement Watch on how to manage your taxes and planning strategies to pay less

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Get Set for the New Medicare Surtax

June 1, 2006

Medicare beneficiaries are used to annual premium increases to go along with the rising cost of medical care. But in 2007 many will be surprised by the new means-tested premiums. Higher income beneficiaries will pay higher premiums. The amount of the increase in premiums will depend on the beneficiary’s income. The higher premium is called […]

real estate

TopReasons for Buying Real Estate for College

June 1, 2006

The room at college doesn’t have to be an expense. It can be a tax break, with the potential for income and capital gains. It also might be a way for parents or grandparents to acquire a retirement home or second home. You can get these benefits by purchasing a place for your grandchild or […]


New Tax Law Enacted

June 1, 2006

As we went to press, Congress was wrapping up a new tax law. The law has important provisions for investors. The key provision is that the 15% tax rate on dividends and long-term capital gains is extended through 2009. Congress still could not make the rates permanent, but at least got them past the next […]


How to Jump Start a Lagging Retirement Plan

May 1, 2006

There is a little-known retirement plan that can boost the retirement savings and tax benefits of small business owners. For the right person, the plan can boost retirement and tax benefits well beyond those of traditional plans. Unfortunately, some advisors are abusing the law and putting their clients’ retirements at risk. The retirement plan is […]

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Estate Planning to Increase the Benefits of Charitable Giving

February 1, 2006

Most charitable gifts are contributions of money or property directly to the charity. But there are other ways to give that provide additional benefits. Some of the charitable giving strategies allow the donor to retain more control than a straight gift. Others provide income for a period of years or can provide payment of a […]


IRA Estate Tax Discounts – An Update

February 1, 2006

Your heirs will enjoy only the after-tax value of your IRAs and other retirement accounts. Can this difference be reflected in the estate tax value of the accounts? An IRA is included in the owner’s estate. If the estate is valuable enough, it is subject to the estate tax. After heirs inherit an IRA, the […]


Key Tax Breaks That Have Expired

February 1, 2006

Congress could not agree on a deal by the end of 2005, so valuable tax breaks expired at the end of the year, as I warned you in the December issue. Both the House and Senate passed bills to extend the provisions, but their versions were different and could not be reconciled in time. Sources […]


The New Roth 401(k): Who Benefits?

February 1, 2006

Should you start deferring money into a Roth 401(k) account instead of a traditional 401(k) plan? Many of you still do not have access to the Roth 401(k) plans that first became available this year. But a number of you do, and many more will next year as employers add them to their plans. The […]


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