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Using Home Equity in Retirement

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Where To Retire In Style

December 1, 2002

The image of the ideal retirement that is ingrained in the imagination of most Americans includes a home in a sun-drenched retirement community. Reality often doesn’t match the ideal. Some studies show that 25% or more of those who retire to Florida leave within five years. I’ve met retirees who admit to choosing the wrong […]


Is It Time To Buy A Second Home?

February 1, 2002

A second home appeals to many people these days. Part of the appeal is status. It is a sign of financial success. I’ve seen polls indicating that a second home is the ultimate sign of success to a majority of people. Another reason is that a second home traditionally has been a good investment. Most […]

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How to Use Your House to Increase Wealth

July 1, 1998

Many of you have achieved that ultimate financial goal of owning a home debt-free. As comforting as that is, it might not be the best financial move. Home equity can be a low risk way to increase your after-tax wealth, especially in this era of low cost, low interest rate, easy-to-get home equity loans. I’ve […]


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