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Estate Planning

Married Couples and the New Estate Tax

Uncertainty about the estate tax is resolved. You don’t have to worry about frequent shifts anymore. Now, it’s time to consider how the new rules affect your estate plan and revise your plan. Read more...

Cash Strategies

Tricks and Traps in Social Security Benefits

People continue to miss significant opportunities to maximize their Social Security retirement benefits.It's a once-in-a-lifetime decision, and the benefits or drawbacks will last your ifetime and beyond. Read more...

Income Strategies

Beating the 7 Threats to Your Financial Security

There are forces building that threaten the lifetime income security of most investors. I’ve been monitoring the threats to lifetime income security for more than 25 years. I’ve identified seven trends as the key obstacles to your financial freedom, and they’re forming a strong wave now. Read more...

Tax Planning

Exploring the New Tax Law

You know that around New Year’s Day the crowd in Washington finally put agreed to a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, titled the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. In this visit we review the deal in detail. We start with a couple of provisions that haven’t received much media attention but are important to my readers. Read more...

Estate Planning

Completing Your Estate Plan

Most estate plans are woefully incomplete, and heirs and loved ones often suffer. Of course, too many people don't have any estate plan. Of those that do, some think a living trust or joint title to assets with their spouse is all they need. Others think a will and trust is a complete estate plan. There is much more to an estate plan.Read more...

IRA Strategies

Avoiding IRA Beneficiary Mistakes

Most IRA owners want their loved ones to benefit from at least part of their IRAs. Many of them would be disappointed if they knew what actually happens to their IRAs and how easy it would have been to avoid the problems with simple, low-cost actions. Read more...

Tax Strategies

A Dangerous Retirement Myth

Most of my work at Retirement Watch falls into two categories. The first category is determining changes that should affect retirement plans. The second category is correcting the myths that have built up around retirement planning. One of the great myths of retirement planning is: Taxes will be lower in retirement. Read more...

Planning Strategies

6 Questionable Retirement Planning Assumptions

People make a lot of assumptions. The assumptions might be based on facts they learned long ago or something they heard and believed was authoritative. Or something might seem logical, so they believe it. Unfortunately, these assumptions often are wrong. Read more...

Estate Planning

Married Couples and the New Estate Tax

Uncertainty about the estate tax is resolved. You don’t have to worry about frequent shifts anymore. Now, it’s time to consider how the new rules affect your estate plan and revise your plan. Read more...

Medical Expenses

Dealing with the Turmoil in Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is in turmoil. We've been tracking and reporting on developments for a while. Insurers are dropping out of the market. Some insurers are increasing premiums substantially on long-term policyholders.Read more...

Cash Flow Strategies

Finding Safe, Guaranteed Income

Protect my principal, and guarantee my income. Those are the goals of many investors today, especially those in or nearing their post-career years. Now that the equity markets no longer are rising steadily upward, investors aren’t looking for ways to match or beat the indexes. Read more...


Popular Articles


Portfolios & Investing

Why Most Retirement Investment Plans are Wrong-Part I

The financial crisis and market panic demonstrate why most of the investment plans for those in or near retirement are wrong. There are better ways to manage retirement money, but you will not learn about them from conventional advisors and sources. Read more...

Medical Expenses

Critical New Trends in Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance has been a mainstream product only since the 1980s. It is evolving, and dramatic changes are occurring. In this visit, we review critical recent changes and discuss how you should respond. Read more...

Estate Planning

Nuts and Bolts of Estate Planning

Most discussions of estate planning, including in this newsletter, focus on discrete topics and strategies. Once in a while, especially early in the year, it is good idea to step back and look at the broader picture. There are concepts and strategies common to every estate plan and estate owner. Read more...

IRA Strategies

Avoiding IRA Inheritance Disasters

IRAs are supposed to be simple, but when it comes to inheriting them IRAs are more complicated than most people realize. A wrong move or two by heirs triggers high taxes, often causing most of the IRA to be paid to the IRS. Read more...


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