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Should Annuities Be Part of my Retirement Income Strategy (And How Much)?

November 13, 2018

More and more retirees are asking about annuities. Funny thing is… For many of you, part of your retirement income is already delivered as an annuity payment. Social Security is technically an annuity, providing guaranteed income for life. It also has the bonus of being indexed for inflation. Most economists recommend people purchase immediate annuities […]

Annuities – Safe, Guaranteed Income

April 3, 2016

Protect my principal, and guarantee my income. Those are the goals of many investors today, especially those in or nearing their post-career years. Now that the equity markets no longer are rising steadily upward, investors aren’t looking for ways to match or beat the indexes. They’re looking to protect the nest eggs they’ve worked hard […]


Are Variable Annuities Safe?

December 1, 2008

First to fall were the homebuilders and mortgage companies. Then the investment banks and a few commercial banks tumbled. Next in line in the financial crisis might be insurance companies. Insurers, especially those that issue a lot of variable annuities, are under scrutiny and facing skepticism about their financial stability. The focus of attention lately […]


Why Fixed Annuity Sales are Soaring

October 1, 2008

Fixed annuities are drawing many more investors these days, especially annuities sold through banks. Insurance companies report sales are 80% and more above last year’s sales. Several factors make fixed annuities more attractive relative to other investments than in the recent past: Volatility and steep losses in stocks and many types of bonds make them […]


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Pros and Cons of the New Annuities

September 1, 2008

Variable annuities long have been a controversial financial product. They became more controversial and confusing as insurers added features to make them attractive to more consumers. The controversy heated up recently in the pages of Financial Planning, a magazine for financial planners. It started with a white paper issued by Ibbotson Associates in October 2007 […]


Finding Higher Returns with Low Risks

June 1, 2008

Market volatility and uncertainty spur the search for investment alternatives. Index fund investors broke even or lost money the last 10 years, depending on what the markets did in the latest week. Investors need their portfolios to grow if they are to meet retirement goals, but many investors want to avoid the risks and volatility […]

Increase Annuity Income by 20%

March 1, 2008

Fixed annuities or immediate annuities can make a portfolio last longer. They can provide steady income for life and smooth the portfolio; it won’t be as subject to fluctuations from market activity. Annuities are not all the same. Yields and rates of return vary considerably. Insurers have different investment experience, life expectancy assumptions, and expenses. […]


New Rules Protect Variable Annuity Shoppers

January 1, 2008

Better late than never seems to be a principle of regulators. In that spirit new regulations were issued recently covering the sale of variable annuities. Variable annuities are one of the most-discussed investment vehicles of the last couple of decades. They have had strong sales, as investors are attracted by mutual fund investments coupled with […]

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