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How To Get Supplemental Social Security Benefits – as a Grandparent Caregiver

November 28, 2022

More and more grandparents and great-grandparents are the primary caregivers and source of support for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The latest data indicate that 8% of grandparents have grandchildren living with them. There are many reasons grandparents assume full responsibility for grandchildren. The grandchild’s parents might have died. The parent might be coping with substance […]


How To Save on Your Medicare Premiums in 2023

November 20, 2022

Your Medicare premiums are likely to decline in 2023. The average premium for a prescription drug policy under Part D of Medicare will decline by about 1.8%, to $31.50 from $32.08 in 2022, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). But this is only the average premium. There are dozens of Part […]


Understanding the Key Changes to Medicare Part D

October 16, 2022

The Inflation Reduction Act made a lot of headlines when it was enacted in August. Most of those headlines were for its provisions related to climate change, but the new law also made significant changes to Medicare’s Part D prescription drug program. The most significant near-term reforms are to the coverage gap, also known as […]

How Medicare is Changing, and Key Medicare Mistakes to Avoid

September 9, 2022

Changes are scheduled for Medicare. Some of them are small, but some of them could significantly affect your out-of-pocket medical spending. In the latest Retirement Watch Spotlight Series, I review the coming changes and others that are proposed. I discuss the changes made by the recent Inflation Reduction Act. I also analyze recent reforms implemented […]


What you don’t know about retirement can hurt you. In fact, just a few wrong decisions in your investments, taxes, or estate planning could completely derail your retirement plans. Worse yet, the rules of the game keep changing, making it harder to keep up. For these reasons, I’ve assembled all the key points – everything you need to know — into one comprehensive report. Click here today for free access.


Straight Talk on Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance in Retirement

June 12, 2022

Some of the greatest fears about retirement concern long term care (LTC). Many people worry the need for long term care will deplete their retirement nest eggs and reduce or eliminate the legacy left for loved ones. Though they worry about long term care, many people don’t want to talk about it, much less plan […]

Straight Talk About Long-Term Care

May 26, 2022

Some of the greatest fears about retirement concern long- term care (LTC). Many people worry the need for LTC will deplete their nest eggs and reduce or eliminate the leg- acy left for loved ones. Though they worry about LTC, many people don’t want to talk about it, much less plan for it. One of […]

Is Long-Term Care Insurance Worth It?

May 9, 2022

As an individual ages, a decision must be made about whether or not to buy Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI). Long-term care is the provision of personal services and medical care to someone who is cognitively impaired or can’t perform two or more of the six Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). The ADLs are dressing, bathing, […]


How To Find the Right Medicare Policy for You

November 14, 2021

When you’re enrolled in original Medicare, you should have a Medicare supplement, or Medigap, policy. You need to find the right policy for you. In general, you’ll want a Medigap policy because, as the nickname says, it will cover many of the gaps in Medicare Part B coverage. You’ll have higher fixed annual expenses because […]

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