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Alternatives to Buying Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance

October 23, 2020

  Long-term care (LTC) is expensive, but the cost of traditional long-term care insurance (LTCI) has increased at an even faster rate in the last few decades.   Traditional LTCI became less attractive following the financial crisis. Insurers found they were paying more in claims than they had estimated and were receiving less income on […]

What is a Long-Term Care Facility?

October 23, 2020

  A long-term care facility is any place long-term care (LTC) is provided, and LTC can be provided in a number of different locations depending on the extent of care that is needed.    Long-term care consists of a range of services and systems that help meet medical and personal needs of people who have […]

An Answer To Today’s Long-Term Care Crisis

May 22, 2019

My favorite long-term care protection plan has been improved and has become attractive to more people than before. You have more options than ever to help pay for future long-term care, and these newer options are significantly more appealing and rewarding than traditional long-term care insurance. I’ve covered in the past the many troubles in […]

Unveiling the Retirement Watch Family Caregiver Planning Guide

March 17, 2019

Family caregiver planning has some simple rules… And some not-so-simple rules. For starters, any caregiver agreements involving family members should be in writing. That is, unless the person providing the care is being altruistic (being a friend), and expects nothing in return now or in the future. Often when one family member provides care for […]

Multiplying the Money Available for Long-Term Care

October 15, 2018

Traditional long-term care insurance might be dying, but there are other, and probably better, ways to protect your family and assets from the potentially onerous costs of long-term care. In 2017, only 66,000 traditional long-term care (LTC policies) were sold. That’s 10% of the number sold 20 years earlier. Steep premium increases on existing policies […]

The Family Caregiver Planning Guide

May 1, 2018

Many estate plans fail, and often not because of any flaws in the documents or the plans. Estate plan failures frequently occur in the implementation and execution. Especially important are actions taken by others, often your children. They’re likely to be the ones putting key parts of the plan into action, not you. To ensure […]

Long-Term Care Insurance Premiums Decline

January 4, 2018

After years of steady increases, premiums on traditional long-term care insurance policies declined in 2017, according to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance. A couple in their 60s today can expect to pay $3,490 annually for policies that will pay $666,000 in benefits at age 85. According to the 2018 LTC Price Index, the […]


7 Ways to Compare Long-Term Care Insurance

October 13, 2017

I’ve found that long-term care is, without question, one of the most difficult aspects to handle in retirement planning. In Part 1 of our LTC piece last week, we covered some of the basics of long-term care, such as costs, elimination periods, and types of payouts. In today’s story, we’ll “cut through the sales talk” […]

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