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What Heirs Should Know About IRA’s

Some of the biggest IRA mistakes can result when they are passed down to the next generation. Heirs can face unnecessary and annoying taxes on their new gains when they shouldn’t have to. Get a copy of Bob’s free report which details the simple rules of IRA transfers you need to know.*

Marital Deduction – Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to reducing estate taxes, the marital deduction is perhaps one of the most well-known tricks. However, it’s unfortunately also one of the most misused. Learn how to avoid some common mistakes in this new, free report from Bob Carlson.*

6 Expensive IRA Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

IRAs are among the most valuable assets many people own, especially after 401(k) balances get rolled over. Yet most people never become aware of the many IRA pitfalls, so it’s easy to lose a lot of money that’s rightfully yours.*

8-Point Estate Planning Checklist

No one should ever give the IRS “free money.” In this report, Bob Carlson shares 8 proven, legal ways to make sure you and your family keep everything you deserve in your estate.*

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