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How to Incorporate a “Portfolio Transition” in your Estate Plan

August 31, 2018

Have you ever considered how your investment portfolio and other assets will be managed in the future? Odds are — after you’re no longer managing the assets — nothing good is going to happen. Now that may sound awfully negative… but I’ve discovered that too many people neglect to include an investment portfolio transition in […]


The Smart Way to Sell Stock & Fund Shares in Retirement

March 16, 2018

Far too many investors give the IRS far too much of their money. Why?  Because they don’t know a few simple rules. Chances are, you already know the basics of computing capital gains taxes when you sell shares, stocks and mutual funds. You have a gain or loss that is determined by subtracting your tax […]


The Key Tool for Investing Today

October 1, 2008

Quality has been the place to be during this great unwinding, and it still is the best place for your capital. The trick is to distinguish real quality from apparent quality. In addition, even some quality assets have faced significant price declines during the last year. A key to success in this environment is patience. […]


The New Retirement Income Funds

January 1, 2008

The big financial services companies are heatedly competing for the assets of retiring Baby Boomers. In decades past these companies competed for the easy business of servicing those who need to accumulate capital for retirement. The firms emphasized convenience, cost, and growth potential. Things are more complicated as the Boomers begin to enter the draw […]


The Safe, Profitable Way to Invest in Hedge Funds

September 1, 2007

Hedge funds continue to make the headlines, largely because of funds that did not hedge anything. As many investors are finding out, these days “hedge fund” is a generic term that identifies any investment vehicle not subject to SEC regulations. Traditionally a hedge fund purchased investments the managers liked and sold short those that appeared […]


3 Myths About Investment Fees

August 1, 2006

Myths about investment fees are widespread among investors. The myths include mutual fund management fees. As a result, many investors pursue the wrong investments and earn lower returns than they should. It is easy to understand how investors stray down the wrong path regarding fees and expenses. Of the main elements of investment management – […]


Discount Brokers: Changes and Updates

July 1, 2006

Changes have been sweeping the world of discount and mutual fund brokers. Just a few years ago the brokers were re-trenching and, in many cases, chasing away customers they considered unprofitable. Higher fees and minimums were the order of the day. Those trends are reversed at most discount brokers, and additional changes are occurring. One […]


How to Make Your Portfolio Last Forever

May 1, 2006

Managing your assets as you roll into retirement is a lot different than it used to be. Or at least it should be. The days of rolling all your assets into bonds or CDs are over. Traditional retirement or financial plans make a number of simple assumptions. At retirement, the plans assume the retiree will […]

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