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The Pain Period Will Continue

August 2, 2022

We’re in the pain period of the economic and investment cycle. The pain began when inflation accelerated in the first half of 2022. The pain has increased since the Federal Reserve decided it was wrong about inflation and had to tighten monetary policy more than planned. The Fed fell so far behind in dealing with […]

The Complete Retirement Income Toolbox: Choosing the Right Tools for Maximum Security & Income

July 15, 2022

The savings and investment income accumulated during the working years must be converted into cash flow and income during the retirement years. My paternal grandfather used to say that there’s nothing like using the right tool for the job at hand. In this month’s Retirement Watch Spotlight Series, I discuss the different tools available to […]

We’re in the Peaking Process

June 30, 2022

Which will break first: inflation, the economy or the Federal Reserve? Futures mar- kets show that investors believe infla- tion is peaking and soon will return to pre-2021 levels. Investors believe the Fed won’t have to tighten much more, there won’t be a recession, and interest rates will be lower in a year or two […]

Inflation, Rising Rates, Falling Stocks and More, Oh My!

June 10, 2022

A lot has happened in the economy and markets since last December, and so there’s much to cover in the semi-annual economic and investment review that I am offering in the latest edition of the Retirement Watch Spotlight Series. In last December’s semi-annual review, I stated that the Federal Reserve was in its end game […]


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The Fed, China and More Upset the Markets

May 26, 2022

The global economy and investment markets are being roiled by policy actions in the three largest economies. Japan is the third-largest economy and the largest nondomestic holder of U.S. Treasury bonds, when both private and public sector holdings are considered, owning $1.3 trillion in treasuries. The Bank of Japan continues to try to stimulate its […]

How to Avoid the Major Causes of Retirement Failure: The Six Steps You Must Take

May 13, 2022

Many retirement plans fail. They fail even though the retiree is financially secure, able to pay the bills and has wealth to pass on to his or her heirs. Whether you are already in retirement or planning for it, it’s important to identify the keys to retirement success and take the appropriate actions. The main […]

The Tradeoff: Inflation vs. Growth

May 5, 2022

The Federal Reserve now must choose between infla- tion and eco- nomic growth, and indications are it will sacrifice growth to reduce inflation. Since the financial crisis, the Fed hasn’t had to make this choice. Long- term factors contained inflation. There was little risk monetary stimulus would trigger an inflationary spiral. Things are different now. […]

Why Your Retirement Portfolio Needs Inflation Hedges

April 24, 2022

Are we about to face another period of stagflation like the one in the 1970s? Before Russia invaded Ukraine, the economy already was facing a series of supply and demand shocks that pushed inflation to its highest levels in 40 years. The invasion has caused new supply shocks, reducing global supplies of oil, natural gas, […]

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