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The Safe, Profitable Way to Invest in Hedge Funds

Hedge funds continue to make the headlines, largely because of funds that did not hedge anything. As many investors are finding out, these days “hedge fund” is a generic term that identifies any investment vehicle not subject to SEC regulations. Traditionally a hedge fund purchased investments the managers liked and sold short those that appeared […]


How to Put Investments in the Right Places?

With today’s tricky tax law, the account in which you hold an asset can be as important as which assets you own. Unfortunately, too little attention is paid to the issue of which accounts should hold which investments. Most of us have more than one type of investment account: 401(k)s, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, taxable […]


Which Way for Inflation

Is the inflation surge temporary, or is it a longer-term condition that needs strong Federal Reserve action to correct? That question will hover over the markets for at least a year. Until the answer is clear, it is best to invest with balance, diversification, and a solid margin of safety. The one-year inflation rates suddenly […]


How Much to Save and Invest for Retirement

Americans are confident they will have comfortable retirements. Seventy percent of Americans age 25 and older told the Retirement Confidence Survey for 2004 they are confident of achieving a comfortable retirement. Yet only 58% were actively saving for retirement, and only 42% ever tried to calculate the amount of money they will need in retirement. […]

Shifts in the Meandering Markets

It has been the year of the meandering markets. U.S. stock markets essentially have been flat in 2004. There have been surges and declines, but in the end the markets haven’t done much. There also have been a few sharp moves in bonds and real estate investment trusts, but overall the price charts look like […]

A New Opportunity Outside of the Portfolios

Resin Systems is off to a fast start since our mention in the May issue. The stock of the developer of composites and composite products, such as telephone poles and guardrails, traded at less than $0.90 before the issue was published. It traded as high as $1.31 in early June before drifting down to around […]


Low Risks, Solid Returns

You can benefit from the strategies used by the wealthy and big institutions. Top mutual funds that use such strategies and are open to everyone and make up our “Hedge Fund” Portfolio. The key benefit of a hedge fund is that its returns are not closely tied to the stock indexes. The managers use strategies […]


Invested, Diversified, and Cautious

So far, 2004 has been the mirror image of 2003. Last year, almost every investment appreciated, many quite sharply. In 2004, it has been red arrows across the board. Gloom, despair, and losses pervade the markets and seem to deepen as the year goes on. On May 7 there was a strong decline in the […]

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