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The Safe, Profitable Way to Invest in Hedge Funds

Hedge funds continue to make the headlines, largely because of funds that did not hedge anything. As many investors are finding out, these days “hedge fund” is a generic term that identifies any investment vehicle not subject to SEC regulations. Traditionally a hedge fund purchased investments the managers liked and sold short those that appeared […]


How to Put Investments in the Right Places?

With today’s tricky tax law, the account in which you hold an asset can be as important as which assets you own. Unfortunately, too little attention is paid to the issue of which accounts should hold which investments. Most of us have more than one type of investment account: 401(k)s, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, taxable […]


Injecting Some Growth to the Portfolios

Investors aren’t making too many mistakes these days. That means we have to search harder to find profitable investment ideas with a margin of safety. The most frequent mistake investors make is to misprice investments. In the typical investment cycle, investors buy whatever has been rising. This pushes the price of that asset to an […]


Our Aggressive Invest with the Winners Portfolios

We are low risk investors here at Retirement Watch. Carefully assess the risks and avoid the big losses is a big part of my investment philosophy. The gains will take care of themselves because of the long-term growth trends in the economy and the markets. That is why instead of searching for the next investment […]


Our 15 Stocks Updated

Our portfolio of 15 stocks for the next decade is lagging a bit behind the market indexes, largely because of a surprise from Harley Davidson. Our portfolio is showing a loss of 2.85% since its inception last December. The Vanguard 500 Index fund in the same time period lost 1.29%. At Harley-Davidson, the vaunted motorcycle […]


Funds to Add to Our Portfolios

The markets again forced changes in our portfolios. They also are presenting some opportunities for us. I rarely make a decision about investments or the markets without taking a look at interest rates and the yield curve. The yield curve is one of the best indicators of the economy’s future direction, and the behavior of […]


Anyone Can Build a Hedge Fund Portfolio

Our portfolio of mutual funds with “hedge fund” strategies is still delivering the steady, solid returns we set as its goal. This last quarter also shows why I put together this collection of funds. You can see how they work together as a portfolio to achieve steady returns. The portfolio had a modest gain for […]


Outside-the-Portfolios Update

About a year ago I recommended for those seeking an aggressive investment outside our regular portfolios Resin Systems, Inc., trading then at about $1 (OTCBB:RSSYF). It has delivered modest gains to those who purchased at the initial recommendation, bouncing between $1 and $1.25 this year. The case for owning the stock remains strong. The company […]

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