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The Safe, Profitable Way to Invest in Hedge Funds

Hedge funds continue to make the headlines, largely because of funds that did not hedge anything. As many investors are finding out, these days “hedge fund” is a generic term that identifies any investment vehicle not subject to SEC regulations. Traditionally a hedge fund purchased investments the managers liked and sold short those that appeared […]


How to Put Investments in the Right Places?

With today’s tricky tax law, the account in which you hold an asset can be as important as which assets you own. Unfortunately, too little attention is paid to the issue of which accounts should hold which investments. Most of us have more than one type of investment account: 401(k)s, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, taxable […]


Resin Systems Update

Resin Systems, Inc. has had quite a ride. Since I recommended it at around $1.00 last May, it rose to over $1.60, then generally declined, hitting a low of $0.60 in early October. One factor hurting the stock apparently was an assault by short-sellers, helped by some friendly media in Canada. Those folks have moved […]


Growth Strategies for a Flat Market

Have you earned 0% or even lost money on your investments over the last five years? Most investors aren’t as fortunate as we have been. The major stock indexes are about where they were five years ago. Anyone who follows the conventional buy-and-hold index investing strategy has no net gains or modest losses to show […]


Opportunities in a Stock Picker’s Market

The prospect of good economic growth doesn’t mean we should throw caution to the wind and buy aggressive stocks. The stock market doesn’t always follow the economy, and different stock strategies are profitable at different stages of the business cycle. Here are my strategies for the next stage. Sector and Balanced Managed Portfolios We’ve been […]


Navigating Troubled Markets

Fear stalks the markets these days. The last few months we gradually added protection against such a surge in investor pessimism. Those moves served our portfolios well in the recent downturn and will help if things get worse. Don’t try to forecast whether this is a correction or a new bear market. It is a […]


High-Return, Low-Risk Alternatives

Our Alternative Portfolio, also known as our “hedge fund” portfolio, remains on its track of strong, steady returns. The quarter ending June 30 was slower than prior recent quarters, ending with a small loss, but it still did better than the major stock indexes. New investors to the portfolio, however, will have to make some […]


Dangers of the Private REIT

Real estate investment trusts have been important parts of our portfolios. Cohen & Steers Realty Shares has outperformed the S&P 500 for the last 10 years, for each of the last four full years, and so far in 2004. Unfortunately, the good news about real estate and REITs is being used to entice investors, especially […]

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