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The Safe, Profitable Way to Invest in Hedge Funds

Hedge funds continue to make the headlines, largely because of funds that did not hedge anything. As many investors are finding out, these days “hedge fund” is a generic term that identifies any investment vehicle not subject to SEC regulations. Traditionally a hedge fund purchased investments the managers liked and sold short those that appeared […]


How to Put Investments in the Right Places?

With today’s tricky tax law, the account in which you hold an asset can be as important as which assets you own. Unfortunately, too little attention is paid to the issue of which accounts should hold which investments. Most of us have more than one type of investment account: 401(k)s, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, taxable […]


How to Use ETFs

Exchange-traded funds are the fastest-growing but most misunderstood investment vehicle of the last few years. ETFs have been around only since 1993, and didn’t start to take off until the late 1990s. Let’s see how these mutual fund substitutes might fit into your investment strategy. An ETF is similar to a mutual fund. The investor […]


Where to Find Today’s Values

The last few months have taught the benefits of diversification, balance, and a margin of safety. One of our investment themes of the last few years is that U.S. stocks and bonds are in a declining phase of the valuation cycle. It will be a while before investors are willing to take great risks and […]


Our Aggressive Stock Picks

There has been good news in our outside-the-portfolio stocks. From time to time I recommend stocks that are not part of our regular portfolios. These are aggressive stock selections for a small part of the portfolios of investors who want to take higher risk in search of higher returns. Currently, there are two of these […]


Hedge Funds Without Fees, Disappointments

You might have read about the disappointing recent returns from hedge funds. Over the last few years, wealthy individuals and institutions poured money into these investment vehicles in search of less volatility and the potential for high returns. The results for the last year or two have been disappointing to many of these investors, and […]


Reaping Some Gains, Avoiding Some Big Traps

We recently reaped some nice rewards from our investments. Our diversified portfolios kept good pace with the market rally. In addition, our income-oriented portfolios benefited by staying conservative when most other investors believed long-term rates would not head higher. We avoided some painful hits to those portfolios. Yet, this is not the time to relax. […]


Great Funds Closing Their Doors

Over the years we successfully found great funds early and let them deliver strong profits for us. One of the disadvantages is that after we discover them, the shareholder-friendly funds we favor deliver excellent performance and attract a lot of dollars. Because they are shareholder-friendly, they tend to close their doors to new investors when […]

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