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Investing in MLPs – Resurgence?

April 23, 2018

The latest Barron’s has an update on master limited partnerships (MLPs) and comes to a positive conclusion. (Subscription probably is required.) The article says the restructuring and distribution cuts largely are in the past. Distributions from many MLPs should increase this year, and the sector should recover with the rise in energy prices and global […]

What’s Happening To Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) ?

March 22, 2018

Master limited partnerships (MLPs) have done poorly the last few years. The decline during the commodities bear market was somewhat understandable. Then, the industry began some restructuring. At the start of this year, the bad news seemed to be behind it. The restructuring and distribution reductions largely were over, and energy prices were recovering. At […]

Investing in MLPs vs. Infrastructure Companies

September 23, 2016

Here’s an interesting post comparing investing in master limited partnerships to investing in infrastructure companies, including MLPs. It makes a number of good points and focuses on comparing two ETFs that initially appear to be similar but have very different holdings and performance over the last few years. It concludes that MLPs largely have morphed […]

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