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What’s Holding Down the Gold Price?

August 9, 2018

The price of gold has been tumbling most of this year. This article offers some explanations and also compares gold to TIPS, pointing out that most of the time there’s a high correlation between the two. His basic argument is that strong economic growth is bad for both gold and TIPS. For the past 5 […]

Tips to Help with Commodities, Gold and Taxes

September 1, 2017

There are many different vehicles through which to own commodities, including gold, and there are different tax rules for them. Be sure you know the tax consequences of a commodity invest- ment before adding it to your portfolio. There are two basic ways to invest in commodities. (Options contracts are a third potential way, but they are […]

The Mystery of Gold Prices

February 11, 2014

Many people have suffered trying to make a profit investing in gold. Its price movements defy most people’s theory of how the world works. The Federal Reserve increases its balance sheet to $4 trillion and gold rises for a while, but then sinks like a stone as the Fed continues to buy assets. Nicholas Johnson […]

Stockpile Gold for a Collapse

January 7, 2014

One theme that runs through Retirement Watch is that the right financial moves often are counterintuitive. Actions that seem logical and that many people think they should do often aren’t best for them. Consider the notion of buy and accumulating gold as insurance against an economic apocalypse. This often is one of the top recommendations […]

Is Gold Overvalued?

October 24, 2013

The problem many investors have with gold is that it is very difficult to analyze its fundamentals. It doesn’t pay income, have a book value, or even have much industrial use. It’s hard to point to what moves gold prices. In response to this, a couple of recent papers recently addressed gold’s price. Two sets […]

Why Gold Prices Should Decline

September 13, 2013

The price of gold moves with supply and demand. There aren’t many fundamentals, because industrial demand for gold tends to be steady while demand from investors and households fluctuates. India and China tend to be big household buyers of gold, and expanding middle classes in those countries were given credit by some analysts for the […]

Bearish on Gold

May 3, 2013

That’s the view in an article on It quotes a number of analysts about Gold’s recent plummet into a bear market and the potential for an end to its long streak of annual price increases. Gold’s a tricky investment. It’s still a fairly thin market, so the price can be moved by extra buying […]

Some Sound Thoughts on Gold

April 16, 2013

Gold’s been tumbling for some time and took big slides Friday and today. What’s the story behind the decline? There are some stories about Cyprus and other countries with economic problems being forced to sell their gold supplies in order to bailout their financial systems. There also are stories of leveraged investors such as hedge […]

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