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The Retirement Watch Outlook for Inflation & the Markets

June 27, 2021

Inflation is likely to rise quickly in the next few months, and that could put the Federal Reserve in a difficult situation much earlier than it anticipated. A number of inflation pressures are increasing. One example is rising demand for many goods and services as more vaccines are administered and economic activity increases. That puts […]

Bob’s Journal for 07/11

July 11, 2019

The technology sector is changing in ways that investors need to know. Technology has been the leading sector in the economy for some time. The growth and innovation in the sector has been a significant contributor to overall economic growth. Developments in tech have benefited most sectors of the economy. Companies have become more competitive […]

Bob’s Journal for 6/20/19

June 20, 2019

Central banks might have to be very creative to maintain economic growth in the next few years. Global markets jumped Tuesday after European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi indicated more monetary stimulus was likely on the way. Only a few months ago, the ECB president was talking about ending the bank’s asset purchase program […]

Stocks vs. Treasury Bills: Which is the Highest Performing Investment

February 2, 2017

Are stocks really the highest-returning investment? Research argues that treasury bills outperform all but a handful of stocks over the long-term. Here’s the research, and here’s a review of it. Most common stocks do not outperform Treasury Bills. Fifty eight percent of common stocks have holding period returns less than those on one-month Treasuries over […]

Anatomy of Penny Stocks

October 3, 2016

The penny stock world often attracts investors looking for the big score. They’ve heard stories of investors buying Xerox or IBM when they first went public and were at very low prices. A few decades later early investors were multi-millionaires. But the penny stock world also is full of risky companies and some outright scams. […]

Small Number of Stocks Drive Indexes

January 6, 2016

Here’s an interesting collection of recent research that helps explain why index investing often beats active stock selection. The bottom line is that in most years only a small number of stocks drive the indexes higher. Active managers are more likely not to own those stocks than indexes are. I’d add that value managers are […]

The Case for Investing in Energy

April 16, 2015

Oil prices declined a lot in 2014. That caused a lot of people to liquidate oil investments. It also caused some other people to wonder when would be a good time to buy some energy assets cheaply, anticipating a rebound in prices. Don’t waste your time trying to identify “the bottom.” You’ll know it only […]

An Optimistic Case for Stocks Prices

August 20, 2014

Economist Brad DeLong pushes back against the notion that stocks are overvalued and a bad investment at this point. The article is a little long and makes a number of points. He attacks a number of commonly-held views, such as that mean reversion is normal and inevitable, and that the long-term average of valuations is […]

October 2021:
Congress Comes for your Retirement Money
A devastating new law has just been enacted, with serious consequences for anyone holding an IRA, pension, or 401(k). Fortunately, there are still steps you can take to sidestep Congress, starting with this ONE SIMPLE MOVE.

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