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Markets Without People – Passive, Index and ETF Investing

July 3, 2018

Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital in his latest shareholder memo addresses the consequences of index investing, quantitative investing, and artificial intelligence. In other words, he addresses the trend toward investing with minimal interference from people. He starts with a nice history of passive investing and exchange-traded funds, and then goes on to discuss his view […]

The Investing Dominance of Vanguard and BlackRock

December 6, 2017

Investors are fleeing active management of stock investments for index funds. That puts Vanguard and BlackRock in the driver’s seat, because they are the sponsors of the leading index funds and ETFs. This article points out that if recent trends continue, the two firms will control enough of the stock market to effectively be in […]

The Impact of Vanguard and other Index Funds on REIT Investing

August 28, 2017

Vanguard’s had a large fund invested exclusively in an index of real estate stocks. Recently, real estate stocks were added as a separate sector to the S&P 500, boosting their share of the index. The result is that the various Vanguard funds are now the largest shareholders in most real estate investment trusts in the […]

The Index Investing War between Index Providers

August 24, 2017

No, the war isn’t between advocates of index investing and those of active investing. The real war is between the people who construct the indexes. As this article points out, it’s a lucrative business that few investors know about. It’s also ruthlessly competitive and about to become more so. If indexes really are the market, […]

Advice for “Passive Investors”

June 30, 2017

I’ve long complained about the term “passive investing.” Many people like to say that investing in indexes is passive investing. That’s not the case by a long shot. For one thing, the indexes are constructed by people making choices, and the indexes regularly are changed. Indexes aren’t passive. They aren’t “the market.” This article goes […]

Index Investing Advocate Changes His Mind – Why?

June 27, 2017

Burton Malkiel wrote A Random Walk Down Wall Street in which he advocated investing in index funds. He’s maintained that position since, issuing many revised editions of the book and serving on Vanguard’s board. Now, he’s on the board of a new firm and advocates its active investing style. Read the details here. “Even though […]

The Return of Active Managers and Hedge Funds

June 15, 2017

This article covers a conference that tipped against the current wisdom. The conference participants talked about the advantages of hedge funds and active stock fund managers. Most participants seemed to agree that over the last few years, the vehicles haven’t delivered what investors expected. But they expect that investors will want these vehicles sometime in […]

Index Investing Isn’t Passive Investing

March 14, 2017

I’ve discussed this in the past. People tend to use the terms “index investing” and “passive investing” interchangeably. They’re not the same. It might be passive for you to invest in an index fund, but it’s also passive for you to invest in a non-index fund. The index fund itself is not passive, because indexes […]


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