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How to Make Sure Your Nest Egg Lasts the Rest of Your Life (and Then Some…)

Not too many years ago, most people did not need retirement plans or help with retirement planning. Retirement lasted only five years on average. Not everyone retired. Those that did retire generally had adequate income from employer pensions and medical expense coverage plus Social Security and Medicare.

All that changed. Life expectancies increased, dramatically increasing the length of retirement to 20 years or more. Employers reduced or eliminated pensions. Employees save and invest for retirement on their own through 401(k) plans and other accounts. Employer-paid retiree medical coverage is greatly reduced, and Medicare raises premiums. Americans more and more are on their own for retirement and must plan for much longer retirements.

To complicate things, retirement finances have changed and are changing rapidly. Bull markets rapidly turn into bear markets which become financial crises. Investment options change all the time. Taxes, long-term care, medical expense coverage, annuities, life insurance, estate planning, and other aspects of your retirement finances rapidly have innovations and turmoil.

Now there is no shortage of people seeking to be the retirement advisors for tens of millions of Baby Boomers: brokers, financial planners, accountants, insurance agents, mutual fund companies, and more. Too often these advisers have their own agendas or are so busy marketing and managing their businesses that they do not keep up with the latest news and trends. Cookie cutter approaches and rules-of-thumb dominate too much financial advice. Personal needs, situations, and desires can take a back seat or be pushed out of the vehicle.

But if you attempt to tackle retirement planning on your own, you can easily become confused and overwhelmed by the mountain of advice available to you. Type the search term “retirement planning” into Google and it returns about 13.5 million hits. Type in “IRA” and it returns almost 50 million hits! And most of these hits are for websites that simply want to sell you a particular product, or contain information that’s out of date.

A membership in Retirement Watch offers a simple, trustworthy alternative not only to effectively plan, save and spend your nest egg, but to live a richer and more rewarding retirement than you ever thought possible.

It’s the kind of help you can use to finally take control of your future … once and for all. No more mistakes. No more overlooked rules. No more wondering what’s best. Now you can make clear, smart decisions.

Each month brings a new issue packed with expert answers and simple solutions you need to make sure you never run out of money in retirement. The members-only section of the web site offers regular updates and news in Bob’s Journal, an archive of past issues and articles, and many more tools. It’s a powerful, unbiased retirement planning tool to help you eliminate the worry and guesswork. Retirement Watch keeps you updated on the fast-changing retirement issues you need to know to plan, save, spend and enjoy a wealthier, happier retirement.

I show you how to boost your retirement savings … how to safely invest for bigger profits … how to best spend your assets in retirement so you never outlive your money … how to make sense of dizzying changes to laws and regulations affecting your retirement … how to protect your health and wealth with the best insurance options, annuity options, estate planning strategies…and so much more!

It’s must-have, up-to-the-minute advice you won’t find anywhere else. You see, as an attorney and accountant-as well as Chairman of the Board of one of the nation’s largest local government retirement plans-I have access to information and contacts most people lack. So I’m able to share with you little-known tax-saving and investment strategies you likely won’t hear about anywhere else. That’s the kind of “inside” retirement advice you’ll find in Retirement Watch.

Because there are so many facets to retirement planning, I cover a broad range of topics in Retirement Watch-the investment markets and portfolio management, estate planning, helping the grandchildren, managing your IRA, reducing income taxes, long-term health care, annuities, Medicare and other medical expense plans, Social Security opportunities and changes, and more.

Retirement Watch was the first publication to cover all the financial aspects of retirement, and I believe it remains the only source of its type. The advice and recommendations are based on independent, objective research. I am not selling you anything other than my best recommendations for how to increase your financial independence. My only goal is to provide you with the best retirement strategies that have helped make my tens of thousands of satisfied subscribers happier and far more financially secure than they ever dreamed possible.

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